Drug dealers exploiting the law with dangerous 'legal high' pills

By Synesthesiac · Oct 21, 2008 · Updated Oct 21, 2008 · ·
  1. Synesthesiac
    [h2]A new and dangerous type of drug that offers users a "legal high" has been identified by researchers, as dealers attempt to exploit a loophole in the law. [/h2]

    By Lucy Cockcroft
    Last Updated: 1:58PM BST 07 Oct 2008

    The cathinone pills take their active ingredient from the khat plant, commonly used as a stimulant in east Africa, and are sold in nightclubs for between £3 and £6 each.

    Although cathinone is a controlled substance, scientists say new compounds have been deliberately chemically modified to produce a significant high, while circumventing the law. Doctors have warned that the side effects can be just as dangerous as illegal amphetamines. Some users of cathinone - often called "herbal ecstacy" - have experienced a rapid heart rate, raised blood pressure, high temperatures and seizures.
    Dr Paul Dargan, from Guy's and St Thomas' hospital poison unit in London, said: "These are individuals who present with clinical features that are very similar to established recreational drugs such as ecstasy, amphetamine, cocaine and ketamine."

    Legal pills based on a group of drugs called piperazines, of which BZP is the most common, have been available for some time, but steps are being taken towards criminalising their use.

    In early 2009 they will be designated as controlled substances in the UK, under a European directive. The emergence of cathinone pills, which are openly sold on websites, suggests that manufacturers are a trying to find ways around the change in law.

    John Ramsey, from St George's Hospital in south London, analyses the content of legal high pills and other substances found in nightclub "drug amnesty" bins. He said: "The very latest ones we have seen are cathinones. They are being sold as a safer alternative to ecstasy and I guess that there are a group of people who really want to engage with the dance scene and engage with their friends and don't want to break the law."

    It is not known how many of the pills are sold in the UK, but one website supplier told drug researchers that they were shipping more than 3,500 into the country every day.

    Source: Daily Telegraph in the UK.

    Bummer to see they'll be a controlled substance in the UK in 2009. Fecking EU laws are spreading everywhere. Another typical scare tactics article, no figures or facts, just hearsay and a comparison (inaccurate at that) to all those 'dangerous' illegal ones.

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  1. fiveleggedrat
    Oh man, that happened to me once! I was...exercising!
  2. Milk man
    It's......HORRRIBLE!!! I hope you never have to experience it again.
  3. Swimster
    Another pathetic article. Just something to write about. Nothing serious people. Reminds me of "strawberry-meth", oooh... These writers spoted a big epedimic!

    Thanks for posting btw, Syn.
  4. jon-q
    Swim guesses that mr dealer will be stocking up on these "herbal xtc" tabs and adding a big fat £'s to the price,plus shitty illicit tabs containing "XYZ" WILL BE MADE.Swim thought the governments had learned from the early proabition experiment! swim guesses not!
  5. MrG
    The comment about the 2009 ban refers to BZP based products and has been known about for some time.

    The RC based products are still, for now, hovering in the "grey" area.
  6. aerozeppelin123
    Although it's ridiculous that the use of any drug is against the law, in a way it might be better if these shitty BZP and cathinone pills were made illegal. This is because as it stands, you can rip people off with these pills, claiming them to be 'ecstasy', but if you are caught with them no charges can be pressed because they contain no banned ingredients - as opposed to pills that actually do contain MDMA, which carry heavy penalties. If they were all illegal, then maybe dealers might think well I might as well sell the real deal, as they're both illegal anyway and I might as well sell what people actually want.
  7. MrG
    Except for he fact that MDMA is class 'A' requiring both BZP and the synthetic cathinone derivatives also needing to be class 'A' in order for that logic to apply.
  8. Synesthesiac
    I second that actually. These BZP pills are horrible in swims opinion, nothing like the real experience. Would be much better if all of these pills were replaced with the real thing, so this move may not actually be too bad.

    But its still annoying to see yet another paper making them out to be so much dangerous than they are.
  9. aerozeppelin123
    Hmm I don't think that would make that much difference actually, I don't think a lot of dealers really know or care what class a drug is in. As long as it's illegal, the main thing is they wouldn't be able to just buy them from 'legal high' shops or whatever so hopefully won't bother. Although no doubt there will be other crap e.g. mcPP pills being sold anyway...:thumbsdown:
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