Drug dealers stashed crack cocaine inside Kinder Surprise capsules

By buseman · Jul 10, 2010 · ·
  1. buseman
    DRUG dealers gave cops a nasty Kinder Surprise during a crack cocaine raid.

    Offices were stunned to find the callous crooks had stuffed thousands of pounds of the drug inside the sweetie eggs's plastic toy capsules.

    Individual rocks of crack cocaine had been wrapped in cling film before being placed in the yellow shells, making them easier to deal out in public.

    Shocked cops later said using children's toys to cover drug dealing is a new low - and that kids who stumbled across a mislaid or discarded drugs egg would be at risk.

    The raid on a house in Handsworth, Birmingham, also uncovered £15,000 cash.
    Three men, aged 25, 37 and 38, were arrested.

    Det Sgt Wayne Eley said: Our officers are experts at finding every hiding place, but plastic casings for children's chocolate toys were a bit of a new one for us.

    They are using these eggs to keep the drugs safe and they don't look out of place to a normal person on the street.

    This reinforces the message that if people tell us about drug dealing we will leave no stone, or egg, unturned.

    Jul 10 2010

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  1. Birkill
    Swim known about this for years as his friends used them to plug "stuff" before they got sent down and swims surprised the cops had never incountered this duh!!!
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