Drug dealing really may be rocket science

By BlueMystic · Jul 8, 2005 · ·
  1. BlueMystic
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    Drug Rocket Fails to Take Off
    Tuesday, July 05, 2005

    Drug dealing really may be rocket science.

    Two accused methamphetamine traffickers apparently rigged up their car so that if cops closed in, a small rocket carrying their stash would pop up from the trunk and launch itself far from the long arm of the law.

    For some reason, the rocket never achieved liftoff when Missouri State Highway Patrol (search) officers pulled over Michael Ray Sullivan, 41, and Joseph C. Seidl, 39, both of Kentucky, on June 24 in Kingdom City.

    The $13,534 in cash in the 1990 Ford Thunderbird was interesting enough, Kansas City U.S. Attorney's Office spokesman Don Ledford told the Columbia (Mo.) Daily Tribune.

    Far more intriguing was what was in the trunk: three dud pipe bombs and a "hobby-style" rocket, three to four feet long, all packed with meth worth up to $145,000.

    Ledford explained that a web of ropes and pulleys lifted the rocket into launch position when the trunk lid was opened. The rocket could then be ignited from inside the car using the dashboard cigarette lighter.

    Cops are pretty certain the rocket was meant to be an escape pod for the drugs, but Ledford diplomatically declined to speculate.

    "But they did have the meth inside the rocket," he admitted, "and it could be launched from inside the car."

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  1. sg43
    Maybe they should have tested it first, gotta give them a little credit for the idea though.[​IMG][​IMG]
  2. sterling77
    Oh man...god I'm laughing my ass off. Great idea, bad execution
  3. Cure20
    Sound like a good idea, but I would at least hook my "Rocket Stash" up to GPS so I could go back and get it later. hahaha
  4. BlueMystic
    One of the funniest drug related things that I have ever heard. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall when they were discussung their ideas on how to get rid of their stash in case of an emergency. LoL! =)

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  5. OiledMandible
    a web of ropes and pulleys lifted the rocket into launch position when the trunk lid was opened.</span>

    That is a helluva setup. But wouldnt they have to be outside the car to open the trunk, and therefore be stopped?

  6. wingsofazrael

    some people can pop the trunk from inside the car...great idea, and so is the gps...very very good. thats kick ass actually.
  7. Muirner
    Wouldnt you love to be the person who saw a rocket flying, and then went to go recover it. and low and behold a shit load of meth. Damn what a descovery.

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