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  1. Rightnow289
    Every drug death in Tayside is to be logged on a new database to understand what is behind them and how to cut the number of people dying.


    The Drug Death Monitoring Group will gather information on each fatal overdose to help shape the future treatment and support given to addicts.
    NHS Tayside, the police, ambulance service, local councils and the prison service will be involved.
    The group will also launch an overdose information campaign in the spring.

    'Devastating impact'

    Overdose training is also being offered across Tayside to local groups, carers and addicts themselves to allow them to recognise the signs of a drug overdose and give basic life support.
    Dr Kirsty Licence, who chairs the group, said: "The reduction of drug-related deaths is of the highest priority for all services working with drug users in the region.
    "We are aware of the devastating impact these deaths have among family, friends and the wider community, and in Tayside we are committed to learning lessons from these distressing events to help us work to prevent further deaths from occurring.
    "The work we are doing in Tayside will also feed in to national initiatives that aim to address this complex issue."

    Source - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/tayside_and_central/7837352.stm


  1. Waffa
    this is gonna be great!
    I'm not sore if they want to publish all the info to the public... last info i have, UK have 84 thousand LSD users and 0 deaths per year... something like 3 million Marijuana users and 1 death they was able to connect with Marijuana (well, we know THC cannot be the cause here...)

    Would be interesting to see some years from now how LITTLE people get killed by illegal psychedelic drugs and how much from other drugs that are legal.
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