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Drug defendent hits the big time with first arrest

  1. buseman
    Twenty-six-year-old Charles Williams made the "major leagues" on his first try, court officials said Tuesday.

    Williams had no prior convictions before he was caught up in a major drug-dealing investigation in the region. Now he is a convicted felon, serving 4½ years in prison and three years probation for two counts of sale of narcotics and one count of possession of narcotics with intent to sell.

    Williams, Patrick S. Miles and others were the targets of an investigation into drug trafficking between New York and southeastern Connecticut. A person working with police purchased heroin from Williams at an East Lyme motel in October 2008, according to prosecutor David J. Smith.

    In March 2009, police heard of a large amount of heroin coming into the area, Smith said. They followed a car in which Williams was a passenger for six hours and watched the occupants perform several drug transactions before pulling it over.

    The police said they recovered 1,290 bags of heroin packaged for sale, raw heroin, crack cocaine, Oxycodone pills, marijuana and cash. Williams was carrying about $2,000.

    Williams admitted in a presentencing interview that the only job he ever had was drug-dealing.

    He said he was hooked on it for the cars and the clothes, said his attorney, Richard Kelly. I think he has had an epiphany. Now he doesn't think the cars and the clothes are worth it.

    Judge Susan B. Handy ordered Williams to get his G.E.D. and told him he is to be working full time or attending school while on probation.

    Karen Florin


  1. godztear
    This reminds me of a song on a Lil Wayne CD with the artists Drake and Trey Songz, Successful.

    "I want the money,
    money and the cars,
    cars and the clothes,
    the hoes,
    i suppose,
    i just wanna be,
    i just wanna be successful.
    i just wanna be,
    i just wanna be successful.
    i just wanna be,
    i just wanna be successful."

    I wonder if he was thinking of that song as he was getting busted considering he used the same words.
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