Drug disposal bin set for Perth music festival

By trptamene · Apr 3, 2009 · Updated Apr 3, 2009 · ·
  1. trptamene
    [h1]Drug disposal bin set for Perth music festival[/h1]
    A drug disposal bin will be trialled at a Western Australian music festival in what police believe is an Australian first.

    The move follows the death of 17-year-old Perth girl Gemma Thoms, who died after taking three ecstasy pills before the Big Day Out on February 2.

    Ms Thoms' friends said she swallowed the pills before entering the festival gates for fear of being caught by police.

    WA Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan says the drug disposal bin will be trialled at the Rock-It festival in Joondalup this weekend.

    "The bin will be placed near the main entrance to the festival and patrons will be encouraged to use it without the threat of prosecution by police," Mr O'Callaghan said.

    Once patrons pass the bin, they will be subjected to the scrutiny of police and drug detection dogs.

    "Anyone caught with drugs after passing the drug disposal bin will be subjected to prosecution to the full extent of the law," Mr O'Callaghan added.

    Sergeant Greg Lambert says it is his understanding this will be the first trial of a drug disposal bin in Australia.

    "I think we are the first ones to try it, but there has been trials overseas - in England and the United States," Sgt Lambert said.

    "The English trial seems to have been quite successful but in the United States it has proved otherwise."

    Meanwhile, a pamphlet to inform concert-goers of the dangers of drugs has been produced with the input of government and non-government agencies.

    It will be distributed electronically to Rock-It ticket holders, and also handed out at the festival.

    - AAP


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  1. thirteenthfloor
    What swim doesn't get is why people would bring them in the first place if they are worried about it. Why not just take them back to the car?

    And about the girl dying, did she od or die from related causes? Swims thinkin dehydration, cause of the fucking outrageous cost of food and drinks there. Maybe it would be worth their while to offer free water, since one isn't allowed to bring it in. Also why would she take them all at once if she knew that was too much, she could have just hid it. To the best of my knoweledge k9s can't sniff x out, she could have just put in it the bottom of her cigarette pack, in her purse, or in the bottom of her pocket.
  2. sandoz1943
    I think the law or fear of the law is to blame more than the drugs. I agree it was most likely dehydration. SWIM lives in the south east in the US and has seen many SWIMmers fall out because of the heat and the high price of water.
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