Drug finder does not work

  1. runitsthepolice
    [FONT=VERDANA, HELVETICA]1996 -- In May, a federal judge in Beaumont, Texas, issued a permanent injunction against the Quadro Corp. of Harleyville, S.C., which had been selling a plastic box with an antenna on it to government agencies and schools for up to $8,000 each as an illegal-drug finder. FBI tests had found the device merely a piece of plastic, utterly incapable of detecting drugs or anything else. However, several law enforcement officers and school principals swore to the judge that the Quadro Tracker worked for them.


    I know this is old as hell but I got a laugh out of it so I'll post it anyway.

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  1. ganjahero420
    WOw. unfortunatly im sure alot of people were searched unjsutly due to this nifty little thing. they have a half decent lawyer i can see them over turning charges because of unlawful search. i hope they never make somethign that can ACTUALLY detect illegal drugs.
  2. Alfa
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