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'Drug gangs' behind shootings in Liverpool as four teenagers are gunned down

By source, Aug 6, 2012 | Updated: Aug 6, 2012 | | |
  1. source
    A TURF war between rival drug gangs is thought to be behind a spate of tit-for-tat shootings that have spilled on to the streets of Bootle, Liverpool.
    Four teenagers were gunned down in a single attack on Saturday night around 11.30pm – the fifth shooting in the town in just over a week.
    A 15-year-old boy and three 17-year-old males were last night recovering in hospital after being shot in the Akenside Street area.

    Detectives are treating the shootings as a targeted attack and believe they are linked to the four other shootings in the town over recent days.
    Bootle MP Joe Benton said “inter-gang warfare” was behind the shocking outbreak of violence.

    One woman, a grandmother, who asked not to be named, said she saw the 15-year-old victim of Saturday night’s attack lying in the road on neighbouring Walton Street covered in blood.
    She said: “He was screaming for help and kept saying he was going to die. I was crying my eyes out, I just kept thinking it could be one of my grandchildren, it could be one of my girls.
    “The neighbours were all out of their houses helping him.
    “The police put an oxygen mask on him as soon as they arrived. He kept saying his mate was the one under the bridge.”

    According to neighbours, one of the 17-year-old victims was found under the bridge on Walton Terrace, which has a reputation in the area as a no-go zone ruled by gangs.
    A teenager, who lives on Walter Street, said thugs “stand like soldiers” under the concrete railway bridge which leads to Hornby Boulevard.
    He said: “They are always there on bikes, with dogs, and there’s always police around.
    “They should put a big wall up from Walton Terrace to Violet Road, that would sort it out.”

    Emergency services were called at around 11.30pm to reports a 17-year-old had been shot. Later, the other three victims also got medical attention for shotgun wounds, none of which were life threatening.
    The woman who saw the 15-year-old boy in the street said she “heard bangs” while walking home from her friend’s house with her husband.
    She said: “We didn’t hear any shouting before, we just heard the bangs.
    “Then a group of lads came running past us down Newfort Way, some of them were laughing. I just grabbed onto my husband. It’s so scary to think they could have had guns on them.
    “I won’t walk that way at night any more.”

    Yesterday morning, as neighbours huddled in doorways in their pyjamas, sheets of black plastic marked the spots where the teenagers were shot down.
    Forensic experts combed the cordoned-off scene and surrounding area for vital clues.

    A mum-of-two, who has lived in a neighbouring street for 20 years, said she lived in fear of the violence spreading to her road.
    She said: “I’m scared to go to bed in case you wake up and all hell’s broken loose on the street. Twenty years ago, you could go out and leave your door open. You can’t even stand on the corner of the street now.

    “I would like to know where they are getting the guns from, someone must be buying them for them.” The latest shooting came just days after officers called a public meeting to reassure frightened residents, who fear a gangland turf war is being waged on their doorsteps.

    Then, acting inspector for Bootle, Tony Lock, said: “We know that it’s very, very scary for people especially with the connotations of events in Croxteth and the death of Rhys Jones.” He added that “gun crime was at the top of the agenda”.

    The latest spate started last Friday, July 27, when a 29-year-old man was shot in the chest and leg in a car park on Orrell Road.
    Shots were fired at a house on Wadham Road at 12.30am on Tuesday and a property on Partington Avenue at 11.45pm the same day.
    Two days later, an 18-year-old man was shot several times in the chest in broad daylight in South Park at around 9.30am.

    A haul of cannabis was found at a property on Gloucester Road during police raids on four addresses after the Partington Avenue shooting.
    Eight men have so far been arrested over the shootings; five in connection with the incident in South Park and three over the Orrell Road attack.

    How the surge in gun crime has unfolded in Bootle:
    Friday, July 29 – 29-year-old man shot in the chest and leg in a car park in Orrell Road
    Tuesday, July 31 -– shots are fired at a house in Wadham Road around 12.30am. Later that night, shots are fired at a house in Partington Avenue around 11.45pm
    Thursday, August 2 – an 18-year-old man shot in the chest in South Park around 9.30am. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds from a shotgun.

    By John Siddle, Liverpool Echo, 6th August 2012.
    News article on Liverpool Echo website can be found here


  1. MightyBlaze
    man so unfortunate, no one should ever have to die over drugs.
  2. Bad Rabbits
    The article doesn't report any deaths.
  3. source
    You are correct, no-one was killed luckily, but I bet that was their intention.
    It's shame that so many young kids get caught up with gangs and have their lives cut short though. You'd think that even at 15 they could make a better decision, but then we could start that debate about who is to blame.. parents, society etc.

    Not sure how rough Bootle is though, might be quite a tough area to live in.
  4. storkfmny
    This just shows that banning guns will result in only criminals having them.
  5. Hardstepa
    Guns have been banned in Britain for years but our murder rates are much lower than the USA. Although guns are used by criminals here it's still quite rare and almost all the shootings are done to other criminals. Its probably too late for a gun ban to work in USA but don't you think it would be a better place if you hadn't had the right to bear arms??
  6. Aminatrix
    So true, same with any prohibition.

    Let's make the streets safer! Take away all the guns!

    Criminals hear: Sweet, now I don't have to worry about my target/victim also being armed! Hehehe
  7. Hardstepa

    They banned firearms in Britain after the Dunblane massacre and criminals didn't start robbing and raping more people because of it. Criminals probably have more reason to carry guns in the USA because everybody else does. I don't think there would be any point in banning them in the states but they should maybe be a bit more selective with who gets them.Whenever things like the Colorado massacre happen it's always people who have legal firearms and are able to buy large amounts of guns and ammo. They made guns illegal in Uk and it's worked.
  8. source
    Yeah, so now kids just steal knives from their mums kitchens and go stabbing people. If people want to kill people they will find ways of doing it no matter what weapon is made illegal to carry.
  9. Routemaster Flash
    So the solution is allow everyone to have guns, because that will somehow STOP criminals having them? Which has worked so well in America, right?

    What an unbelievably stupid thing to say.
  10. Routemaster Flash
    Yeah, because an armed populace has worked SO well in preventing shootings in America.

    How can you come out with this stuff in the light of what's happened in the last couple of weeks? You gun nuts are, well, fucking nuts. Thinking you can REDUCE gun crime by ENCOURAGING gun ownership is like trying to extinguish a fire with kerosene. How is this not blazingly obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together? I just cannot fathom this way of 'thinking' at all.
  11. mickey_bee
    You'd be hard pushed to find somewhere tougher in the UK, it's up there. Heroin and crack are everywhere, the area's been run down for decades. It's very hard to be raised in certain areas and not fall into what everyone around you is doing. I.e. selling drugs, getting into gangs.

    You take a 15 year old boy from somewhere semi-decent and move him into that area - yeah he'll almost certainly not get involved, but born-and-raised in an area like that? Your prospects aren't good. Not impossible, but not good. I've got a friend from Bootle and pretty much all his childhood friends are in prison/the drugs trade/addicts.
  12. mickey_bee
    Compare the stats before you make sweeping statements. (I.e. do your research). Even amongst organised gangs in the UK, gun crime is low, and the weapons used are primarily outdated, often even antiques.

    In England & Wales in 2009 there were 0.073 recorded intentional homicides committed with a firearm per 100,000 inhabitants; for comparison, the figure for the United States was 3.0, about 40 times higher, and for Germany 0.2.*

    *'United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime: Homicides by firearm statistics'. Total 2009 firearms homicides for England & Wales are given as 41, which equates to 0.073 per 100,000 of the 56 million inhabitants; this figure is rounded to one decimal place in the table, i.e. 0.1.

    Yeah, guns can be fun, but they're just too dangerous to be freely available. You can't argue with the stats. Nothing's worth the amount of misery easily available guns cause.

    It's a hell of a lot easier to kill someone with a gun than a knife. It requires less balls, less skill and less planning. And with knives there's no caught-in-the-crossfire to deal with either. I've lived in some rough areas but I've never had to worry about a drive-by stabbing.
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