Drug girl's 'serotonin levels high'

By Rightnow289 · May 27, 2009 · Updated May 28, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    Girl dies from tring to get high with Anti-Depressants inquests says

    A pretty teenage girl died from serotonin levels four times higher than the prescribed limit after taking a handful of anti-depressants in an attempt to "get wrecked".
    Rosa-Marie Young had 14 millilitres of the chemical per litre of blood, the highest prescribed dose is four, an inquest heard.
    The 16-year-old took at least five pills by throwing them in her mouth and swigging back Stella Artois lager at her friend's house in Weston-super-Mare on July 12 last year.
    Rosa-Marie, who was about to start a drama college course, had already smoked cannabis before taking the pills, which were prescribed to her ex-boyfriend Alex Malakooti, 23.
    She woke up in the early hours of the morning fitting and foaming from the mouth in what pathologist Dr Hugh White described as serotonin syndrome at the inquest into her death.
    Serotonin syndrome is experienced by people who have taken selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors which aim to counter depression by raising levels of the naturally occurring brain chemical. Deputy coroner Tony Woodburn recorded a verdict of death by misadventure.
    Her mother, Eileen Huxley-Duggan, 43, was serving a four-year prison sentence for possession of drugs with intent to supply when Rosa-Marie took the pills, known as imipramine and moclobemide.
    Her friend Amy Graham, who lived at the flat, said that Rosa-Marie had taken ecstasy, speed and cocaine in the past. "She said she wanted to get wrecked because she was depressed but she was looking forward to her mum coming out of prison," Miss Graham said in a statement at Flax Bourton Coroners Court.
    Mrs Huxley-Duggan, who started delivering drugs to clear her own £2,000 drug debt, was allowed to leave prison to be at her hospital bedside.
    She said her daughter's death from drugs had been heartbreaking.

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  1. msmogadon
    SWIM used to do daft things like that when she was younger. She's lucky to be alive now actually.
    Its tragic that this girl had to loose her life because of one stupid mistake. Same goes for paracetamol overdoses. Some people have fucked up livers for the rest of their lives from one impulsive decision.
  2. yaba
    Poor girl.. It shouldn't have happened now the Internet is there. But swim has done some stupid things and is lucky to be alive.

    And even now he does semi stupid things at times, but nothing like that. And most things were done before the Internet was that common
  3. fidelcatsro
    i think there is a bit of underreporting here, which anti-depresant
  4. snapper
  5. Bajeda
    It says in the article, take a closer look. Or alternatively, look at the post below yours.
  6. chibi curmudgeon
    Hell, the imipramine and alcohol are bad enough...likely to knock yourself unconscious. Not sure what the tyramine content of Stella is, but beer shouldn't be combined with MAOIs anyway. Even without the serotonin, she would have had problems. That's a hell of a way to go.
  7. Potter
    could someone fix the tags, "died" shouldn't be a tag and neither should "ani depressant"
  8. Venusia
    What a senseless and tragic loss of a life. Sounds like a horrid way to go.
  9. Potter
    Where is it that kids get the idea that just because something is "mood altering" that it will be recreational in large quantities? People constantly come here looking to abuse anti-psychotics, anti-depressants, mood stabilizers and all sorts of other drugs with no recreational potential.

    How do we attack such abuse before it starts?
  10. Venusia
    Just like sex education sucks in schools, therefore we end up with babies having babies, drug education is even worse. If people gave these kids the real, honest to god truth about drugs--pharmies and street alike--then less of this crap would go on, I'd wager. I think the key is better education, be it left up to the schools, gov't programs or at home, these kids need to be educated about drugs in an unbiased, truthful way. Not just given the "drugs are bad, mmmkay?" speech.

    Now I am all fired up.
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