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Drug kingpin, brother caught in massive haul of hashish, ‘pills’

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Drug kingpin, brother caught in massive haul of hashish, ‘pills’

    Officers of the Directorate General for Drug Control (DGDC) added another feather in their cap by seizing 72 kilograms of hashish (Abu Shabab type), 65,000 narcotic pills (Lexus) and KD 6,000 from a kingpin in the trade.

    Reportedly, Director General Brigadier Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalifa got wind of the activities of a military official who was using his position at Abdali border to smuggle large quantities of illicit drugs into the country. He then formed a team led by the Operations Chief Lt. Colonel Mohammad Al-Huzaim and his assistant Major Mohammad Qabazard.

    The officers collaborated with detectives from the Public Prosecution Department to nab the suspect in bogus buying and selling deal. It took the undercover agents two months to conclude arrangement for purchase of 12 kilograms of hashish and 20,000 pills of drugs for KD 22,000. The officers spent another 10 days trailing his movement from a livestock pen and waylaid him in one of the trips after discovering that he had a large quantity of illicit items on him. The suspect tried to evade arrest but the officers got him down. He confessed to getting the items in collaboration with his unemployed brother from Iraq and said he used the pen to store and sell the contraband.

    At the pen, the officers caught the suspect’s brother and another accomplice, in addition to remaining illicit items. The suspects revealed that an Iraqi accomplice was the main source of their consignments. The officers listed the Iraqi man on the wanted lists for arrest and prosecution.

    Meanwhile, Sheikh Al-Khalifa disclosed that the country has got rid of the drug menace by 70 percent. He said this is the reason why prices of illicit items and alcohol have risen sharply in the country. He noted that waging war on such activities is a responsibility of authorities, citizens and expatriates at large. He affirmed that all agencies of the Interior Ministry have been striving to protect the country from the activities of unscrupulous elements. He lauded the Interior Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Khaled for his determination to clean the country of devilish activities, in addition to able complementary roles played by the Undersecretary Lt General Ahmad Al-Rujaeb and Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs Lt General Ghazi Al-Omar. He also revealed that the arrested military official was wanted for evading a 15-year jail term.

    By: Shibli Al-Rashed and Munaif Nayef
    Updated on: 23/03/2010


  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Customs Officer, Iraqi Driver Held For Role In Drug Trafficking Racket

    KUWAIT CITY, March 21: Officers of the Directorate General for Drug Control (DGDC) arrested an Iraqi driver and a Kuwaiti Customs officer for their involvement in a drug smuggling racket. The arrests came after officials interrogated a kingpin in the trade and his brother from whom 72 kilograms of hashish and 65,000 narcotic pills were recovered earlier.

    The Iraqi driver had sold all his belongings and was leaving the country after learning about the arrests of the brothers. It was Border Security officers who suspected something fishy and detained him. During interrogation, he reportedly admitted to smuggling large quantities of drugs into the country in connivance with a Kuwaiti Customs official who allowed his truck to pass without checking at Al-Abdali border.
    Securitymen rushed to the Customs officer’s residence in Al-Rafaie area and arrested him. They also found two weapons, bullets and KD 2,000 cash in his house. The man denied all charges, but his phone calls to the Iraqi driver were traced.

    Investigations are going on.

    Updated on: 23/03/2010
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