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Drug Labs Found in Childrens Bedrooms

By Codeine Fiend · Jul 10, 2010 · ·
  1. Codeine Fiend
    WA police have expressed their disgust at finding dangerous chemicals and drug laboratories in children's bedrooms during state-wide raids.

    Over the last few days police say they have uncovered six labs in houses in Perth, Port Hedland and in bushland near Perth's Canning Dam.

    In two cases police say they found that children had been sleeping in rooms alongside drug laboratories.

    Most were producing or about to produce amphetamines and one was making heroin.

    Detective Inspector Alan Morton says in one house dangerous chemicals were being stored above a baby's cot.

    "It's absolutely disgusting," he said.

    "It just shows how people can be affected and their regard for others is totally out the window."

    WA police have discovered 63 drug labs so far this year.



  1. Prpl_Drnk
    Think of the children, end prohibition! Seriously.
  2. Codeine Fiend
    Amen to that.

    Poor kids will be probably covered in sores and suffer (or will suffer later on) from being exposed to unsafe meth production...in their OWN rooms!

    If the prohibition of diacetylmorphine, methamphetamine and other drugs of this calibre end, instances like this will surely be less common.
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