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Drug Lord Hangs Himself With Own Words.

By desert flower, Sep 19, 2014 | Updated: Nov 27, 2014 | |
  1. desert flower
    Alleged Gold Coast nightclub drug baron’s threatening jail call leads to bail rejection

    Natalie Charalambous, fiancee of alleged Gold Coast nightclub drug baron Ivan Tesic arrives at his bail hearing at the Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday.
    BUT for the phone calls from jail where Ivan Tesic threatened to cut a man into pieces and pull out his eyes, the alleged Gold Coast nightclub drug baron might have got bail yesterday.

    Instead he remains on remand after the Supreme Court refused his application that came with huge surety offers of about $2 million from friends and family.

    Lawyers for Tesic, 42, stressed the mammoth prosecution would not come to trial this year or next and Tesic needed to be released so he could properly defend himself.

    It is alleged Tesic was the wealthy organiser of a group who imported meth oil from interstate hidden inside cars that had been modified with secret chambers.

    He was one of more than 150 people arrested in April at the end of a police investigation that seized $26 million worth of drugs and millions of dollars in assets, including Tesic’s $730,000 Surfers Paradise Hilton apartment.

    Authorities have also frozen $500,000 Tesic “gifted” to friends shortly before his arrest as well as his house in western Sydney, $100,000 in a business account, his Harley-Davidson and a vintage Holden.

    His barrister Peter Callaghan SC, yesterday told the court in Brisbane that Tesic would live under curfew with his fiancee back in Surfers Paradise and report twice daily to police if released him.
    Queensland Police evidence from Operation Kilo Fraction being used against defendant Ivan Tesic who was refused bail.
    Fiancee Natalie Charalambous was one of three in court for the hearing and many who signed documents with job offers and sureties from homes worth up to $1.5 million in order to secure bail.

    Even ex-wife Stacey Tesich offered a $500,000 amount against her Sydney house where she is raising their son.

    Mr Callaghan said Tesic was looking at huge jail terms if convicted as an organised crime boss under new laws and could not properly defend himself from jail because the case involved hours of hidden camera footage and surveillance recordings.

    However, Crown barrister David Meredith said Tesic was a threat to the safety of witnesses as revealed in more phone taps from jail where he turned against a former drug courier who is now set to give evidence against him.

    “I will chop that (expletive) up into pieces if I ever get out,” Tesic said in one phone call.

    “I am going to pull his eyes out of his head,” he said in another.

    Justice David Jackson noted the long delays and need for Tesic to prepare his defence might ordinarily be reasons to grant bail but the risk to witnesses was too great in this case.



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