Drug mafia in India switches to high profit hybrid cannabis

By Alfa · Jul 6, 2008 · ·
  1. Alfa
    EW DELHI: A hybrid variety of cannabis, which was found to be used in countries like Mexico, has increasingly become popular among the Indians who grow it illegally as it increases the intoxication level and also double their production and profit margin.

    According to country's anti-narcotics agencies, the hybrid variety of cannabis is being grown in India too, a trend which is "alarming".

    "The hybrid variety is a new one which increases the tetrahy-dro-cannabinols (THCs) amount thereby increasing the intoxication level. It has been used in some major cannabis cultivating countries. Here too, the hybrid variety is being grown, though not on a large scale basis," a senior Narcotics Control Bureau official said.

    According to sources, while a normal cannabis plant take six months to mature, the hybrid variety takes only three months to grow fully.

    "In normal circumstances, one can only have two crops in a year but with the hybrid variety, one can have up to four good crops a year. Not only is the quality better, it also needs bare minimum care to grow," another anti-narcotics official pointed out adding the hybrid variety yields more and hence the trade profit increases.

    Sources point out that there are high chances that even opium and coca can now have hybrid varieties.

    In India, a very small quantity of cannabis is allowed to cultivate for medicinal use while rest are illegally grown in states like Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and in the Northeast.


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  1. enquirewithin
    Cannabis has been part of Indian culture for a very long time. Shiva was supposed to have smoked a chillum in the Parvati Valley! It is acceptable for Hindu 'holy men' to smoke hashish as part of their religious life. Many hippies praise Shiva by saying "Boom shankar' as they smoke. Whilst more 'respectable' Indians look down on hashish smoking, it was only made illegal because of international pressure. The main problem in the north, I have heard, is when foreigners start cultivating for export, otherwise the police tend to ignore it.

    There do seem to be people who become hashish addicts, smoking all day and doing little else, but it's not a major problem.

    Stronger cannabis plants might make for some interesting hash, although what they produce in Himachal Pradesh is already very potent anyway, or so people say.
  2. N0ly
    So what do they mean by hybrid? That seems like a pretty vague word to throw around. Its a hybrid of what and would Swim be able to find these plants or seeds anywhere else other than India and Mexico?
  3. enquirewithin
    There are many varieties of cannabis, cross strains of plants from different places and so on.
  4. HomerK
    One of swim's good friends is Indian, will have to share the article with him. He said the Manali cream is the shit.
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