Drug mule balls up her golf quiz

By Rightnow289 · Jul 21, 2009 · ·
  1. Rightnow289
    A DRUGS mule was caught smuggling cocaine inside golf clubs when she was asked about her handicap — and replied: "I'm not disabled!"

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    Kayti Ella Dryer, 23, flew in to Manchester Airport from Jamaica with the class A narcotic carefully concealed inside golfing equipment.

    But she was rumbled when officials quizzed her about her sporting prowess — and she failed to recognise a string of key terms such as fairway, birdie and handicap.

    They drilled into her kit to check for drugs and found £83,000-worth of cocaine had been painstakingly packed inside the shafts.

    As the clueless crook began a jail sentence, Mike O'Grady of HM Revenue and Customs said: "When Dryer was asked questions about golf, it was clear that she was totally unfamiliar with the game and she had no legitimate reason for travelling with the sports equipment."

    Jobless Dryer of Lewes, Sussex, said she had taken the clubs on holiday to play golf in Montego Bay in Jamaica.

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    An airport source added: "When asked about her handicap, she looked blank and asked them to repeat the question.

    "It appeared as if she thought they were asking her if she had a disability."
    But she pleaded guilty to trying to smuggle a kilo of drugs into the UK at Manchester Crown Court last Thursday and was jailed for four years.

    Mr O'Grady, HM Revenue and Customs assistant director for criminal investigations in the North West, added: "This is a serious offence and I would strongly encourage anyone with information relating to drug smuggling to contact us.

    "We will take every action to detect, seize and bring those smuggling drugs into the country before the courts."

    Source - http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2534947/Drug-mule-balls-up-her-golf-quiz.html

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  1. missparkles
    Oh Jesus...if people are gonna smuggle drugs they should at least do their damn homework. ;)
    She thought they were asking her if she was disabled.:laugh:
    lmfao here.
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