Drug Nonsense and the Cops Who Love It: Canada

By Motorhead · Mar 3, 2006 ·
  1. Motorhead
    Drug Nonsense and The Cops Who Love It
    by Greg Williams (01 Mar, 2006) The War on Drugs is perpetuated by lying police who just want bigger budgets
    [​IMG]It isn’t really much of a surprise that Overgrow.com and their related operations have been shut down by the RCMP. I pretty much suspected that the cops would start on a rampage the minute Stephen Harper was elected.

    His war strategy has always been ‘more cops’, and ‘take more prisoners’. The RCMP, while out of control all on their own, just needed that extra insurance of a true prohibitionist and anti-reformist at the helm. Coupled with the D.E.A.’s arrests of Michelle, Marc and I, the RCMP and the Conservative government need to show they too are going to get tough on cannabis users in Canada. I’ll bet the D.E.A. treats the RCMP like their little brother. “We got Emery so sure, you canucks can have Heaven’s Stairway.”

    The cops also needed a way to showcase their latest cash cow called the “Marihuana Grow Operations Enforcement Team”.

    Started in 2004, this bust would seem to be the only thing they’ve accomplished. Certainly the only thing they’ve boasted about so far. They couldn’t even come up with a name that gives them a decent acronym. MGOET just doesn’t cut it. Maybe they could have been like the good little brother that they are, and called themselves the d.e.a.

    Here’s what the RCMP said in their press release: “This new drug enforcement team is one of the seven teams established by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police across Canada in 2004 to combat the scourge of marihuana.”

    scourge (skûrj) n.
    1. A source of widespread dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war.

    2. A means of inflicting severe suffering, vengeance, or punishment.

    3. A whip used to inflict punishment.

    I can hardly believe they used that word to describe cannabis. It actually describes what the police are doing to cannabis users. Their spin-doctors must be chuckling about that. Isn’t war a blast? Odd too, that the Canadian Senate agrees, when they conclude that the continued prohibition of cannabis is far worse on the Canadian public than the substance itself. That’s quite a difference of opinion – one from people who did a huge study, and the other from people whose paychecks are riding on the outcome.

    The RCMP have infiltrated every policy-making committee and organization in Canada to ensure that cannabis always remains illegal, to ensure that they continue to get the huge, unaccountable budgets associated with the War on Cannabis. They have infiltrated our schools and lie to our children about cannabis as young as in kindergarten. And they call it “Drug Awareness Services”, which incidentally is another cash trough designed to grind out their propaganda. When you go to that web page, you are directed to about 20 links, and with the exception of one, they all lead to the U.S.A.

    To have adults saying out loud that they took down an amount of seeds equivalent to 47 millions joints is embarrassing. To hear the thinly veiled suggestion that these joints were all destined for children is disgusting. I’ve never once heard them say that the confiscation of a gun resulted in millions of murders being stopped, or the arrest of a burglar saved the looting of North America. But so what, with 15 million pot smokers in Canada that’s only 3 joints apiece. Hey New Brunswick, stop bogarting!

    I guess it’s not important to the RCMP and the Conservative government that a majority of Canadians want cannabis decriminalized. Nor does it seem important that our own Senate wants the same. What does seem to be important is deceiving the public about the harm of cannabis and arresting more and more people every year. With over 70% of all drug charges being laid for cannabis, their propaganda machine has to work overtime to trick the public into going along with their “widespread dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by war.”

    Brian Mulroney declared that Canada had a “drug epidemic” back in 1986. Not co-incidentally it was only two days after Reagan declared the U.S. War On Drugs. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride, eh? It was also true that even then, over half of all drug charges were for cannabis. He must have meant “marihuana epidemic”. Twenty years later, Stephen Harper hasn’t got a single new idea. His drug strategy is exactly the same as Mulroney’s. Make cannabis the “scourge” of society and put the 10 to 15 million adult Canadians who use it in jail.

    Like every little brother they need a good whack up side the head!

    Peace on Pot!

    Greg Williams, aka Marijuana Man

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