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Drug offender has prison time extended

  1. buseman
    A man imprisoned for drug offences has been given a further penalty for not telling the Australian Crime Commission where the drugs came from.

    Luke Cameron Drever, 28, is serving a minimum jail sentence of two years and eight months for manufacturing a commercial quantity of methylamphetamine, which was discovered when his drug laboratory exploded in 2007.

    The Adelaide District Court has now added a further six months to his non-parole term for his refusal to answer questions at a Crime Commission examination.

    The court heard he was asked questions including where the equipment came from, who supplied the pseudoephadrine and whom he intended selling the drugs to, with an offer made of immunity from prosecution.

    Drever refused, citing fears for his safety.

    Judge Wayne Chivell said the court needed to deter this and pressure people to overcome such fears.

    Friday 11 June


  1. MrG
    Sure, don't be afraid, the cops'll protect you from revenge seeking criminals who already have no regard for the law. Or, instead, you could sit out a couple of years in prison and be able to sleep at night when you get home.
  2. missparkles
    That's like punishing him twice for the same offence. Surely that means they can extend any sentence anyone gets, if they so choose. That's gotta be illegal?:thumbsdown:

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