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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    A West Australian has fatally overdosed on a lethal hallucinogenic drug purporting to be ecstasy, which goes by the street name "death".

    It is the first fatality from the drug in more than 10 years in Perth, and has police concerned ahead of the Australia Day party season.

    It is understood the man took pills containing PMMA, a highly dangerous drug that is synthetically manufactured at a cheaper cost than ecstasy. He was found dead on New Year's Day.

    The last known fatality in Perth from PMMA was back in 1999, according to police.

    Users of the drug are at a higher risk of overdose because it has an initially slow effect on the body.

    The gradual high can prompt users to take higher doses of the potent drug because they mistake it for a weak batch of ecstasy.

    Combining high doses of the drug together with other drugs, alcohol, or caffeine also increases the chance of overdose.

    Those who have ingested PMMA can suffer breathing difficulties, nausea, vomiting, muscle spasms, and increased blood pressure and temperature.

    Symptoms of overdose include high body temperatures, sometimes resulting in convulsions, coma and a complete shutdown of the organs of the body.

    There have been a number of reported deaths in North America, Canada, Australia and Europe in the past, with the drug becoming popular in the '70s and enjoying a revival in the '90s.

    In a WAtoday.com.au special investigation, WA police previously warned that the state's drug culture had changed for the worse, with more synthetically-altered drugs hitting the streets under the guise of ecstasy pills.

    20 Jan, 2011 01:05 PM


  1. Potter
    "Yo man! I gots to get me some DEATH, you gots any hookups?" OMG it must be amazing to believe in propaganda and imagine a world where everything is true.

    I want to see a source on this stuff being called "Death" on the "streets".
  2. FinnishPharmer
    PMMA as in Para-methoxyamphetamine? Problems with this drug occurred in europe back in the day, causing 23 deaths swim believes. Manufactures don't intentionally put this into their pills. It is a result of trying to using anethole instead of saffrole to synthesize mdma. Death truly is as the name states. It has an uncanny way of effecting the hypothalamus gland. This in turn raises body temperatures through the roof. There is no known antedote for it. The treatment is to bring down the patients body temperature by cooling them from the outside. The next step is to run refridgerated saline coolant throughout their body via the blood stream. There is no recreational value within this substance at all. If swiy learns anything from this post, it should be that anything bought from the street is most-likely impure and potentially fatal. Swiy should get a test kit if he/she is going to use street pills.
  3. Phenoxide
    PMMA is paramethoxymethamphetamine, as opposed to PMA which is paramethoxyamphetamine (4-methoxyamphetamine). The same risks apply to both though. That para-methoxy group always has a propensity to result in a serotonin storm and life threatening hyperthermia. Nasty stuff.

    You mention field testing kits, but what would one look for in the results to indicate the possible presence of PMMA or PMA? I suspect that the color change for marquis reagent would be different but I have not seen any evidence to support this. I suppose it is possible that the field test kits will not distinguish these substances from MDMA and MDA respectively.
  4. FinnishPharmer
    Speaking from strictly a safety standpoint, swim would not trust a kit when his life is on the line like it would be in the case of a para-methoxy. However, swim knows that there are further tests other then the marquis available on the market. These test and differentiate the presence of primary and secondary amines. Such as differentiating between regular amphetamine and methamphetamine. Someone with a minor organic chemistry background and these reagent kits could quite probably detect the presence of a para-methoxy, however, based on the complexity of this process, most street users should remain weary of a para-methoxy. Checking database websites might add some assurance, however, one can NEVER know what his pill contains fully in less he is the one who made it!
  5. Revolvingdoo
    Theres been a bunch of these in my area, including a personal friend of mine.
    The pills are stamped with 140 and are lightly pressed and quite large.
  6. Ghetto_Chem
    Hey all,

    Found this after yahoo search.

    ""There are many substances that do not react to Marquis reagent, i.e. there is no change of colour. Such a substance is for example PMA, which has been detected in Austria, Australia, the USA, Norway, the Netherlands, England and in other countries and which caused several deaths yet. After the consumption of bigger dose there appears high fever, dramatically rise blood pressure and frequence of the pulse, appears fits. The person can lapse into a coma and die. PMMA is similarly non-active in this test. But in the case when these substances are mixed with other that are in the test positive their presence can be masked.""

    Hope that helps,
  7. FinnishPharmer
    It is highly recommended that the marquis is used only as an initial test, not as the sole decider of the qualitative identity of a pill.
  8. Ghetto_Chem
    Never said it should be,

    Personally swims friend just gets pure mdma from a reliable source. Just answering anothers question. And if swiy looks at the quote, it only further backs up swiys statements that the marquis isnt always the best bet.

  9. Revolvingdoo
    Re: You know you're a drunk when...(add to it)

    A list of suspected PMA/PMMA pills for you guys:
    Blue/purple airplanes,
    Four leaf clovers,
    White mitzibushi's
    Some pink diamonds,
    Blue Versace Medusa,
    yellow turtle,
    Triagles (badly pressed),
    Turtle shells,
    blue transformer heads,
    yellow crowns,
    blue supermen,
    speckled splits,
    Red stars,
    christmas tree's,
    purple mac apple,
    white motarolla,
    orange scorpion,
    chineese/kanji symbols,

    I know that may not be helpful to some on the list, but if swimmers get a pill resembling any of these, they're likely adulterated with PMA/PMMA stay safe folks.
  10. Revolvingdoo
    Another 2 cases of suspected PMMA poisoning has occoured within a group of my armadillo's friends.
    Please proceed with caution.
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