Drug overdose leads to major bust

By buseman · Jun 9, 2010 · ·
  1. buseman
    CLOVERDALE -- Eight people are in custody as the result of a drug bust that happened Tuesday in Cloverdale.

    Joseph Taylor, 31, Lance Morrison, 23, Ileen Gomez, 21, William Morrison, 53, and Sonya Morrison, 50, all of Putnam County, and Michael Woods, 21, Samuel Robertson, 30, and Robin Carwile, 21, all of Spencer, were arrested. They are all lodged at the Putnam County Jail awaiting initial hearings.

    Putnam County Sheriff's Department Reserve Deputy Nate O'Hair said the bust was set in motion by a report of a drug overdose at 1000 S. 700E in Cloverdale at about 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

    O'Hair said when he and Putnam County Sheriff's Department Lt. Dwight Simmons went to that address and discovered the parents of Gina Ballenger, 22, calling an ambulance for their daughter.

    Ballenger was transported from her home to the Putnam County Hospital, where it was confirmed she had overdosed on heroin.

    Reports from other news agencies said Ballenger had died; however, a Putnam County Hospital representative told the Banner Graphic this morning that Ballenger was still listed in the hospital's patient records, and that she was in good condition and would likely be released later today.

    After O'Hair and Simmons assisted Ballenger's parents with getting their daughter to the hospital, the officers returned to Ballenger's home, where her parents allowed them to search their daughter's room.

    We removed a syringe and a spoon, O'Hair said.

    Ballenger's parents then told O'Hair and Simmons that Robertson had delivered heroin to their daughter earlier on Monday evening. They provided the officers with a description of the vehicle they believed Robertson was driving.

    The officers, who were riding in an unmarked car, began searching for the vehicle Ballenger's parents had described. Shortly after, they saw Robertson driving the car. Lance Morrison was a passenger.

    I took Lance into custody and Robertson took off, O'Hair said. A foot pursuit followed between Robertson and Lt. Simmons.

    O'Hair and Simmons then secured search warrants for Robertson's apartment at Midway Motel, located at 2007 N. Main St. in Cloverdale.

    After finding drug-related materials in Robertson's apartment, the officers got search warrants for the rest of the Midway apartments and the surrounding properties.

    The search turned up a small methamphetamine lab in a horse trailer, 160 marijuana plants and various drug paraphernalia items including Sudafed, Liquid Fire, tubing and syringes.

    O'Hair said it appeared the drug operation had been up and running for some time.

    We are seeking three more people, two males and a female, O'Hair said. They spotted us before we had permission to approach the property, and they took off.

    William and Sonya Morrison are the owners of the Midway. Representatives from the Putnam County Board of Health and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management arrived at the property shortly after the bust.

    Although it has been reported that the motel has already been condemned, a Board of Health representative said that is not the case. She said the department is still in the process of investigating the complaint against the motel.

    Ballenger was on home detention through Putnam County Community Corrections for a 2008 Class A misdemeanor conversion conviction.

    A charge of Class B misdemeanor battery against Ballenger is pending in Putnam County Superior Court. A trial is scheduled for September.

    Her other criminal history in Putnam County includes convictions for battery, possession of paraphernalia and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated endangering a person. She has also been convicted for several probation violations.

    No formal charges have been filed as a result of the bust. O'Hair said he and Simmons were still in the process this morning of preparing probable cause affidavits on the eight individuals that were arrested on Tuesday.

    No court dates have been set.

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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  1. Rainbowzz

    Great. Now the next time someone makes a mistake on dosage or something or gets bad gear, they will refuse to call the police, and die. Or yet worse a group of 20 people at a party all do the same drugs, begin od'ing, and pray to wait it out so they dont go to jail.

    This going after people after someone ODs is RIDICULOUS. Yes, it sucks that the person OD'd. But the only person (unless they were forced, or enough underage that they could not even be able to rationalize such a decision, or they were mentally unwell, ect)that is responsible for them coming in to that circumstance is essentially themselves.

    If more people were ABLE to phone EMS without fear, we would naturally have more knowledge and awareness of the dangers of drugs(AND the positive fun stuff). And then we would have less things like this happening.
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