Drug Overdose Turns Into Massive Drug Bust

By davestate · Jun 6, 2009 · Updated Jun 6, 2009 · ·
  1. davestate
    Drug Overdose Turns Into Massive Drug Bust
    Bennington, Vermont - June 5, 2009

    A drug overdose in Bennington, turned into a large drug bust.
    Police were called to the Apple Valley Inn on Route 7 where they found a woman unconscious.

    Police say while on scene, they found several items in plain view and obtained several search warrants. From there they went to a home in Hoosick, New York where they found more drugs.
    All together five people were arrested.
    Police say they confiscated nearly 1,000 marijuana plants, $75,000 worth of prescription pills, many that had been stolen from area pharmacies, other drugs and drug paraphernalia. Several rifles were also seized.
    Jessica Stratton

    Jason Seifert
    Police say while at the home, they found several children playing with the pills along with syringes loaded with drugs nearby.

    Bennington, Vermont - June 5, 2009
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    With regards to that last line

    "Police say while at the home, they found several children playing with the pills along with syringes loaded with drugs nearby."

    Is just mind blowing, makes me sick

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