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  1. source
    A FACEBOOK page set up in the name of ‘Dingwell Legends’, which was promoting drugs parties at Dingwell in Taghnevan and posting photos of masked and armed men, has been shut down.

    Just last month a cocaine party at Dingwell was advertised on the page.

    The profile picture used by the owner is a logo stating ‘Occupy the Hood’. There is also a sinister photograph of a masked gang of more than 20 people with at least one person armed with a sword.
    Another photo of the Hunger Strike mural in Taghnevan has a headline above it stating: “no mc d’s in tem days lmao” .

    Also a picture of Lurgan republican Colin Duffy has been posted and has been doctored to show him wearing lipstick and a black wig.

    The profile was set up on November 17 and already has 116 friends.

    The PSNI said: “This Facebook account has now been brought to the attention of police. We do not monitor Internet sites on a day-to-day basis however we will take appropriate action when we receive complaints of criminal offences that occur within our jurisdiction.”

    A spokesperson for Taghnevan Community Development Association said they were aware of the Facebook site. “We totally condemned it and the recent upsurge in anti-social behaviour by a few in the area.”

    Published on Tuesday 25 December 2012 09:00, LurganMail.co.uk.



  1. Basoodler
    llllWhy did they blur the pic? Are swords and what I assume are black dudes with masks deemed inappropriate these days?

    Why is this comment worth quoting?

    “no mc d’s in tem days lmao” .

    No McDonalds during a hunger strike?

    I wonder what was said that insinuated a cocaine party? I have lots of people on my facebook that talk like that and to be honest I have no idea what half of it means.. reporters can't nail down simple facts on things written in plain English , I have my doubts that they can decipher Facebook ghetto speak.

    I swear to god I am going to start sending editorial pieces to media outlets to clarify their garbage until they get published. I could probably shed more light on legal highs and current drug issues with 3 simple paragraphs than they have in countless diatribes over the last 3 years.

    I encourage others to do the same. We comment on this garbage here.. why not put that knowledge to use in a meaningful way
  2. SpatialReason
    Jeez, whatever happened to the days where your friends just had parties and maybe a few of you would go into the back and do some drugs?

    Now it is about inviting people on facebook to have a drug party?
    My generation just plain sucks.

    If drugs and alcohol are the life of your party, then your party just sucks: plain and simple. When you get a bunch of guys and girls together, get the musician folk drunk and high, and have somebody lay down jams, get your loud and fun friend to make everyone laugh, everyone talk and hang out, and do some stupid party-time activities... that's a party. Amiritefolks? Drugs have been around to just make things more interesting... never to be the sole source of "interesting." o.o (Unless you are at home and truly want to pass some time)

    It bugs me that the "ghetto generationals" of my peer group has become so degenerative that they are only coming together for the sake of doing drugs. The drugs are there as a side-show activity to the actual party. Hence why we have alcohol poisonings at frat houses, people having seizures, and everything else. The party scene was never meant to be there just to get loaded up on a cocktail of stuff. Raves are there for music, lights, dancing, clothes, and fun with friends: do some MDMA and it becomes so much better. If someone shows up to a rave just to do MDMA, they are missing the whole damn point of the rave and the drug, and they are typically the guy running up to you making you very uncomfortable and ruining a good time. Oh how I loathe it...

    Oh well... sorry for the little rant there... I wanted to say that. I apologize for anyone that misrepresents my age group poorly with any events such as in the aforementioned article.

    On the more serious note regarding the news article:
    Where in the hell is the cited evidence that this party was solely being created on the premise of doing cocaine?
    My ranting point above was under the assumption that there was a case where a party for the sole purpose of doing cocaine was going to happen, but after reviewing this link three times, I am having a hard time even seeing where a "cocaine party" was derived from. Can someone point me to where I may have missed the fact entirely? Am I the only one struggling to catch the hardened evidence of this whole notion of a party where people show up and there is a small mountain of coke for each and all to share? o_0 Frankly, anybody who has that is not posting it on facebook... this party isn't even getting sent via text... only 'the know' will know, you know?

    Joke Alert: I swear... I almost want to find journalists and ask them where they get their drugs from because they seem to be "tripping" most of the time. I thought I do hard psychedelics and come up with crazy thoughts and notions: these guys take the cake folks. They pull stuff from their heads that don't even remotely make sense or have tangible facts any more.
  3. ianzombie
    The guys are white, and wearing balaclavas. This is in Northern Ireland.

    Republicans are a little different over here ;)
    Hunger strikes, refer to the Republican prisoners who starved themselves to death in prison in the 1980's

    The PSNI is the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

    The group is most likely more about getting fucked up and rioting, than just taking drugs.
    Social networking sites like FB are often used to co-ordinate riots.
  4. SpatialReason
    I was wondering why they all looked like
    "Jon" from the TV Show Delocated.

    Sorry but Northern Ireland, after talking to davestate, you, and others, sounds like one of the most batshit-interesting places on earth. I don't even remotely halfway understand the politics of the place (just some of the history from the 70s on up to recently), but it interests the hell out of me. When you folks want to make a point, you make the point... Americans just flail their arms for a bit, get desperate, and legislate the crap out of something. o.o

    Still though... why would they do this? And once again, why are these folks involved in throwing "Cocaine Parties?" And with a name like "Dingwell Legends," are we supposed to be terribly afraid (This sounds like a 70s Funk band)? Do they blow things up... Paramilitary, gang, or what... inform the ignorant American here. I am not sure what to make of this... At least our gangs that do stuff like this, you have no question of their dangerous nature or their drug affiliation. Look at a picture of an MS-13, and you will fully understand what they are about.
  5. Basoodler
    Sorry.. it looked like some ghetto antics from the us.

    Where every night is a cocaine party of 15 unemployed dudes taking turns selling crack to 5 crack heads in the nightly "trap". I have seen shit like that on my Facebook and its never been news worthy. Hell the cops don't bother with it even though its obvious. You drive by a run down house with a group of thugs milling around the yard at 8pm..

    I've only read small bits on northern Ireland. But it does sound interesting

    I'm still writing editorials.. all this reading news to post here has me officially annoyed :p
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