Drug Policy is all right as is

By renegades · Feb 25, 2007 · ·
  1. renegades
    Misleading headline, should read "Drug Policy in schools is all right"
    This all from today's Charleston Daily Mail editorial page
    Editorial: Drug policy is all right as is

    PETE Thaw is the voice of dissent on the Kanawha County Board of Education as it considers expanding its random drug testing program to include 3,700 of its employees -- all but top administrators and school board members.

    Thaw asked why the schools will test everyone except those at the top.
    But the real question is why should the board expand the testing beyond bus drivers and mechanics?
    The proposal is to test all workers in "safety sensitive" jobs. At the board's request, school officials came up with a list that includes principals, assistant principals, guidance counselors, teachers, mechanics, carpenters, cooks, custodians, electricians, locksmiths, etc.
    Testing that many employees would be an overreaction to the arrest of one school principal for possession of cocaine. This is the kind of zero-tolerance nonsense that can lead to bureaucratic nightmares and a big expense for very little return.

    Finally a newpaper that gets it kinda. It should have been pointed out that urine test are humilating, a unlawful seizure and you are incriminating yourself which swim thought all were unconsitutional. But in this Nixons war on drugs, you don't seem to have rights so as to make law enforcement's job easier to apprehend you. Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves, such a beautiful consitution and bill of rights, but it seems the govenment slowly are eroding those rights to catch drug users. Read some of of these news stories: The U.S. attorney in Seattle has charged 15 people with "bulk-cash smuggling" under the USA PATRIOT Act for moving more than $3 million to Canada as part of a cross-border marijuana operation. To make matters even more bizarre, the money in question was actually smuggled by an undercover US nark
    another story - One provision of the law – which literally no one read before it was passed – gave the government new powers to seize the assets of persons accused but not yet convicted of smuggling money, the sort of thing that terrorists supposedly do. (Under previously existing forfeiture laws the government can seize assets allegedly used in or derived from an illegal activity. This ever so patriotic act allows the government to seize any of the accused’s assets. The real patriots who founded this country would be outraged.)
    ***this means your car, your house, your urine, your money, etc... Swim still don't see the connection between Al Qaeda and drugs and how seizing someone's car after finding a nickle bag of pot is going to stop terriorism. Wasn't Al Qaeda financed by a very wealthy(inherited) bin laden not drugs? That is how swim remembers it. Oh, now the police can also seize your car if a prositute is found in that car. This is just rediculous. The police should just be writing tickets not seizing cars and all other assets to sell at auction to make more money for a flawed enforcement policy.:( ***

    swim does admit he was for the patriot act as sold to swim by the president and congress, however when it became apparant that this was a crime bill swim was against it.

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