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  1. detoxin momma
    photo: KMOV

    Days after St. Ann Police busted a local drug ring, the SWAT team raided a home on Tuesday afternoon in Florissant and arrested five more individuals.

    Police had their eyes on a few houses in St. Ann for months, and eventually that led them to another house in North County on Shawnee Lane, where they served a search warrant.

    "They're always tense they're always nerve-wrecking but you have to stay the course you have to follow through to get these bad guys off the street," said St. Ann Police Chief, Aaron Jimenez.

    Police broke in through the back door. Inside they found five men with guns, drugs, and cash scattered all over the floor.

    "When they're dealing with drugs and weapons with firearms it can always be dangerous especially when they're in the home. You never know what they're going to do," Chief Jimenez said.

    Tuesday's raid comes four days after police raided three houses on Wright Avenue and arrested 15 people.

    "Observing these guys out of those three houses, it led us back to this other house in another North County community and we were able to serve another search warrant which was huge for us."

    Now, there are a total of 20 people behind bars. While it happened in just a matter of days, Chief Jimenez said it took months to get the suspects off the streets.

    "A lot of the detailing, the report writing, the investigative work, serving the search warrant, the arrests afterward, the interviews and all the follow-ups we discussed, it really take a lot to get these search warrants and get these people off the street."

    Police said the investigation is still not over and they could make more arrests in the near future.

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    Written by: Kelly davis, Mar 8, 2017, drug raid leads to 5 more arrests; 20 jailed as part of drug ring., kmov news


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