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  1. BitterSweet
    One of the largest treatment programs in the world, Narconon, claims to have incredibly high success rates. But it also uses techniques that mental health professionals call “quackery” and caused, according to one family, the death of their daughter, 10 News in Tampa reports.
    That high success rate is what spurred Kaysie Werninck’s family to pay $28,000 to send her to a Southern Oklahoma for treatment. After she became violently ill and died, her family sued Narconon and eventually accepted a settlement from the treatment program, according to 10 News.

    Critics of Narconon, which just opened a new treatment facility in Spring Hill, say the program is not upfront with patients about its links to Scientology. Narcronon says it does borrow the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and admits it takes funding from the church, according to an investigation by 10 News.

    A USF psychiatrist says the techniques Narconon uses, including spending five hours a day in the sauna, administering megadoses of vitamins and staring at objects, like an ashtray, to get them to move, do not work in treating addiction, 10 News reports.

    Author: Health News Florida
    Date: February 7, 2013


  1. scimor
    As a graduate of the Narconon program (Vista Bay, CAL, 2008), I can attest to the fact that I never was asked to stare at any objects "to get them to move". Much of what I was asked to do was undoubtedly bizarre and made very little sense at the time, but in the end it all came together and did make sense. The teachings are based on the philosophies of L.Ron Hubbard, that cannot be argued, but, all the negative press aside, the program did more for me than 12-step and Christian rehabs I had previously attended
  2. J-Crack
    I am also a "graduate" of Narconon. Upon completing my program, I stuck around to intern. Wow! if I knew then what I knew now, I could have saved my family thousands and thousands of dollars they do not have! The program is 100% scientology. While I was a "student" this was denied 100 times over, but once I became staff I was forced to read, learn, and pass tests on information right out of scientology text. The reason I stuck around and didn't run, was (a) I knew I wasn't ready to be home and stay drug free (the program did NOTHING for me whatsoever) and (b) that I felt I could help other people who were where I once was. I thought that I could put my own spin on things and help others out. And I did just that for 6 months, that is until I was asked to leave because they found out about me not being down with good ol' scientology. My parents found Narconon just like most others do, they googled drug rehabs. They found a supposed non-affiliated 1-800 # that helped place people in different rehabs according to their addictions. I later learned that this 1-800 # was owned and operated by Narconon and that Narconon was ALWAYS the rehab that was the right fit for every patient. It makes me so sad to think about all the money my parents got scammed out of. Narconon did nothing to solve my drug addiction. It is their belief that by teaching you the basics of scientology that you will be able to live a happy drug free life. Unfortunately for me, and about 95% of the people I did my program with (and yes that includes some current staff members!) we have all relapsed :( If this message gets to even just one person and saves them from going to Narconon it will be worth it! Please please please do your research before going to rehab. Unless you want a crash course in Scientology I suggest you find a different rehab!!
  3. scimor
    @J-crack. Admittedly, I know not one 'graduate' of narconon who stayed 100% drug-free. Like any rehab, if you're ready it will work, if not, it won't. yes, it is 100 per cent scientology-based. All that said, I still feel there is value to the program.
  4. J-Crack
    I agree, with anything you have to take the good and disregard the bad, and yes you have to want to get better. There were a few good things about Narconon, mainly the friendships and strong bonds I formed with fellow "students."
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