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  1. old hippie 56

    SIERRA VISTA, Arizona (AP) -- A grandmother found with a trunk full of marijuana was convicted of drug running in what prosecutors said was an attempt to earn cash for a bingo habit.

    State troopers found 10 bundles of pot totaling 214 pounds hidden in Leticia Villareal Garcia's car trunk last year when they stopped her outside Bisbee, in far southeastern Arizona.

    Villareal, 61, told jurors before they convicted her Thursday that her only regular income was a $275 monthly welfare check, but she frequently played bingo and occasionally won thousands of dollars.

    Prosecutor Doyle Johnstun said the game was Villareal's undoing.

    "People who play bingo almost every night of the week end up losing in the long run," Johnstun told jurors. "The underlying issue is that she's got a bingo problem, which explains why an otherwise nice person might get sucked into something like this."

    Jurors rejected Villareal's argument that she'd been tricked into carrying the drugs.

    Villareal faces three to 12 years in state prison when she is sentenced December 18.


  1. Benga
    damn...what's up with grannies these days....has cookie baking and mitten knitting suddenly gone out of style or something ?

  2. Trebor

    Right... I can't imagine my grandmother at the bingo hall

    "Come on Mary, you know I'm good for it. Just one more card."
  3. Nagognog2
    I'd have counseled her to claim she won the Bingo game and the church gave her the pot as the prize. Sounds like the boy-scout prosecutor would have bought that defence and started staking out churches on Bingo-Nite.
  4. D.U.M.B
    Man she's an uber bingo junkie. Fair deuce to her.

    Will be interesting to see how much time she gets and how she is treated due to age etc.

    If only all old people were as cool as that
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