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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Drug seller weeps at 5-yr sentence

    GLEN Ron Walters wept in Rockhampton Supreme Court Thursday as a judge sentenced him to five years in prison for trafficking more than $100,000 of drugs in Central Queensland.

    Walters, who had trained to be a traffic controller, Thursday pleaded guilty to trafficking drugs for his mates.

    Last year he sold $88,200 of cannabis, 42 grams of methylamphetamine worth $9600 and about 600 MDMA (ecstasy) tablets worth $15,000.

    But the 26-year-old Mackay man never made a profit.

    He told police he was “selling to help out friends”.

    Police first caught up with Walters in January last year.

    His car was searched and police found ecstasy tablets.

    About six months later police raided his home and found cannabis, powder drugs and more ecstasy.

    Walters was arrested and admitted to police that for six months he had introduced a large amount of drugs into the Mackay district.

    Walters cried as he sat in the dock wearing his green and olive coloured clothes issued by the Correctional Centre.

    He cried more bitterly when the court was told his de facto partner gave birth to his daughter only six weeks ago.

    Walter's daughter will be 19 months old before he is eligible for release from jail.

    His defence lawyer said Walters had health problems and would need a shoulder reconstruction in the future.

    He said Walters used cannabis for the pain of his sore shoulder.

    Justice Duncan McMeekin sentenced him five years jail, but he is eligible for parole on March 17, 2011.

    18th September 2009



  1. sandoz1943
    How sad SWIM shed a tear reading it. Not worth breaking up a family for. The punishment does not fit the crime. Makes me think of the letter ML King wrote from jail about the difference between a just and unjust law.
  2. Synchronium

    The most dangerous drug of all...
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