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  1. ZenobiaSky
    17751.jpg (NEW YORK) -- Packages of empanadas and chocolate bars looked legitimate, but prosecutors in New York say they came with a kick.

    Customs agents say they intercepted parcels of food sent from Ecuador to John F. Kennedy International Airport and inside they found cocaine stuffed into empanadas and containers of cookies along with heroin concealed in chocolate bars and candy.

    Jorge Guerrero, a 39-year-old driver for a company that delivers lost luggage to airline passengers, is accused of leading a group of individuals who transported the drug-filled parcels.

    In addition to his drug-smuggling scheme, officials say Guerrero stole from the luggage thousands of dollars worth of items that he intended to sell at a profit.

    “Computers, iPads, jewelry, designer handbags and clothing, including new underwear with tags still attached, and whole pieces of luggage were among the items Guerrero stole,” prosecutors said.

    Five others, including Guerrero's wife, have been arrested in connection to the scheme.



  1. hookedonhelping
    Now how come I can never get my hands on food that looks that good! And I live in one of the best places in this country when it comes to food!!

    Smugglers need to get a little more creative imo. Firstly, anything coming from a sketchy area of the world, in the form of a sketchy import (like food that can be easily made here), needs to be addressed. Secondly, if you are going to use food, maybe consider mixing in a little chemistry with your smuggling aspirations. Un-rolling a flap on that empanada is really making it easy on customs officials!
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