Drug smugglers using dead kangaroos

By chillinwill · Nov 24, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    Drugs are being smuggled into Aboriginal communities in Australia's far north inside dead kangaroos, the Northern Territory parliament was told on Tuesday.

    Former indigenous affairs minister Alison Anderson said cannabis was being sewn inside kangaroo carcasses to get it past police patrols.

    Outback roads are often littered with kangaroos killed by vehicles and the roadkill is often collected by Aborigines.

    "You have now got 8-year-olds on ganja (marijuana) in communities," she said, urging a crackdown on marijuana, which she said had replaced petrol sniffing in terms of addiction.

    Anderson also said that women were stuffing cannabis into their underwear and driving through checkpoints, knowing that police were not permitted to frisk females they suspect of smuggling drugs.

    November 24, 2009

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  1. Shadow !
    Yeah that'll be right, If it were me i would be patting em on the back saying well done for kicking the petrol sniffing.

    Most black kids in these sorts of places are just looking to 'get off' on a substance. I think i can speak for everyone here that if i seen a kid sniffing i would walk over take it off him & give him a bud. Funny how they don't care about the individuals health, but seeing as petrol is legal, they would rather them do that.
  2. Chemgirl
    I totally and utterly agree :thumbsup:. I would probably do the same for my own child-I would definitely rather my child smoke pot for a few years then sniff petrol, paint or glue once.
    The unfortunate thing is most of these communities already have ‘Opal Fuel’, a fuel that doesn't contain lead and only has very low levels of the aromatic hydrocarbons, which give the 'high' sought by petrol sniffers.
    The government need to stop with the band-aid crap and help the indigenous community develop their own solutions to their own issues.
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