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Drug sniffing dog gives demonstration (video)

By ~lostgurl~ · Nov 25, 2007 ·
  1. ~lostgurl~
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    2 mins
    14 Nov 2007

    The Meth Task Force got a first hand look at a K-9 officer at work.

    Methamphetamine is a continual problem in Douglas County, and residents have come together to help in the fight against this powerful drug.

    A Meth Task Force Coalition meeting was held Tuesday at the Cow Creek Tribal offices, to help give some insight into the progress being made around the county to fight the meth problem.

    About $330,000 is going to the community for the next two years to assist in areas such as treatment facilities and saturation patrol for officers. Saturation patrols mean certain officers will by on duty strictly to enforce meth cases around the community.

    Gillian Weisenburg from the Commission on Children and Families said that the meth task force grant that was awarded is still in the works, and drafts are being made on how the money should be spent.

    Another huge benefit that officers have, is using K-9 dogs in their search for an illegal substance.

    Officers brought in a dog named Winston to show how they can locate narcotics. Winston went through a two week training period with his owner, where he learned to relate a white towel with the scent of heroin, cocaine, marijuana, or meth.

    Winston smells a minimum of 3.5 grams of the drug by locating it and then scratching at the object.

    The K-9's can smell the drugs through other odors, such as coffee and gasoline.

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