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  1. Emilita

    PHOTO: Rosemary Kaniski was jailed for offering to supply a drug while working for a substance support service.

    A woman who supplied heroin to people while working for an organisation that helps drug users has been jailed for more than two years. Rosemary Rebecca Kaniski, 68, pleaded guilty last year to 26 counts of offering to sell or supply a drug to another.

    The Perth District Court was told the charges related to very small quantities of heroin.

    Kaniski was employed by the West Australian Substance Users Association (WASUA), which aims to help people with drug problems by encouraging safe use of substances.

    She had been employed by the organisation since 2007 and had been a volunteer before then.

    Three other former employees are also facing charges after an investigation by WA Police that involved the interception of mobile phone calls over a three-week period.

    Ms Kaniski had used a mobile phone supplied by WASUA to facilitate the drug deals.

    Defence lawyer Justine Fisher told the court the people who purchased the heroin from Ms Kaniski were not clients of the association.

    Ms Fisher said Kaniski was a dealer and user who had been struggling with substance abuse since the age of 17.

    She said her client benefited from the transactions by being supplied with small amounts of heroin for her own use, but did not make a financial profit.

    Judge John Staude said Kaniski had previous drug convictions including a four-year jail sentence, suggesting she understood the consequences of her offending.

    "Ms Kaniski, sadly, has a 50-year heroin addiction," he said.

    "It's a very sad story.

    "But clearly you are not a first offender and cannot claim leniency on that basis."

    Judge Staude also made observations about the way the Government funded WASUA operated, saying drug users supplying other drug users with syringes under the guise of being non-judgemental undermined the prohibition of illegal substances.

    Kaniski will have to serve 13-and-a-half months before she is eligible for parole.

    Source: http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2016-...who-supplied-heroin-to-clients-jailed/7117360 Originally published 27th January 2016

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  1. DiabolicScheme
    No way, you're in a job that is minimizing risks of use not in a job that is enabling users

    Furthermore, I feel like you're taking advantage of a place that's aimed at drug users to practice safe use and using the facility for personal profit.

    That being said I think firing her would be enough of a punishment.
  2. Beenthere2Hippie
    It's a sad story of addiction, just as the defense attorney said.

    There's nothing more to say.
  3. IceHeadFromOz
    Ummmm Love'
    I have heard of the old saying
    " Not Backwards In Coming Forwards "
    And as it Turns out'
    That you certainly are not! Lol

    You have got it all the wrong way round!
    She should be ashamed of herself in my opinion'
    In a way she's helped them dig their own graves!
  4. Beenthere2Hippie
    She's an addict herself. Give it a break.

  5. Name goes here
    A user has no right to be in her former position. The majority of people going for help want to quit. Making what's supposed to be a safe place for users a pickup spot is unacceptable. I get she's an addict. Chances are, she knew what she was doing was terribly wrong but torn between helping or using. Hell, if she only using while providing help to those who wanted it I wouldn't care so much. She turned a safe place into a hookup spot.
  6. Beenthere2Hippie
    I think it fair to say that those who hired her and placed her in her job position did not do a proper job of vetting her, and that they are the ones who should take full blame for what's happened here--not this long-term addict.

    She just did what addicts do.
  7. Name goes here
    Maybe. I'd bet money she was clean when she was hired. Hiding drug usage isn't that hard especially when you have been doing it long term. Do her supervisors have some fault in this, absolutely. At the end of the day, she opted to get heroin for people in a safe place.
  8. AKA_freckles
    I believe in supplying addicts with pharmaceutical heroin, but not like this. She has my sympathy, though. I don't think she was trying to hurt anyone. This disorder is terrible for decision making skills.
  9. Beenthere2Hippie
    That may have been the case, but how much proper vetting would it have taken to recognize this as a woman whose addiction issues were not fully behind her? Perhaps putting anyone who was a user (clean or not) in the position of dispensing opiates is a bad idea in general. Maybe all who are in such a position need full and verifiably vetted is what I am saying.

    As Freckles explained nicely, newly clean addicts, as a whole, do not have or practice good decision making skills. Good decision making skills are a process that take more than just quitting drugs to develop fully.

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