Drug Task Force falsely arrests 2 separate people

By drug-bot · Aug 25, 2008 · Updated Aug 25, 2008 · ·
  1. drug-bot
    [h1]Drug Task Force falsely arrests 2 separate people [/h1]

    so they basically fucked 2 peoples life up (9 month investigation in which one lost there job and wages and her and her husband lost their house), on the info provided from a drug addict stealing pills from the suspect and police, and all they offered in return is an apology (what about monetary compansation), bullshit.

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  1. JohnDeere
    Extreme bullshit, but more common place than one would think. There is a lot more "Training Day" and "Street Kings" scenarios going on than the govermnet would like you to know about.
  2. Panthers007
    Sure. In war there is an "acceptable risk of collateral-damage." What this form of double-speak means is: We fuck you and leave you - you got in our way. Shut up or we'll fuck you again.
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