Drug tester warns of ‘legal-high’ epidemic

By chillinwill · May 17, 2009 · ·
  1. chillinwill
    A Bradford drug-testing expert is warning that Britain could be gripped by an epidemic of ‘legal-highs’ in five years unless the Government acts fast.

    Retired police chief Les Vasey says Spice – a man-made drug with a similar effect to cannabis – is just “the tip of an iceberg” of a whole new trend of legal designer substances.

    Even though Spice, which can be up to five times more powerful than cannabis, has been banned in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands – it has not been outlawed in the UK.

    Mr Vasey, whose company Modern Health Systems develops drug tests, said: “If it’s not banned now we will have huge regrets in five years’ time. It will be the next big social evil.”

    He said Spice, sold freely in herbal shops and online for smoking or as incense, is “a middle-class designer drug”.

    “It’s more expensive than cannabis but it’s not detectable yet,” he said. That’s the appeal of it – especially for professionals, who don’t want to risk being prosecuted.

    “It’s terrifying but it’s a fact that you could have airline pilots who’ve taken it and are flying over heavily-populated areas while at the moment there’s nothing to test for it. That’s why we want to develop a way of detecting it. We’re looking at doing that now.”

    Last week, Spice and other legal highs were debated by the UK’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs.

    A working party has now been set up to look at the availability and harmfulness of the herbal mixtures and it will report back to the Home Office.

    Spice, mainly imported from China, is usually sold in 3g packets from about £16 – other names are Spice Gold, Spice Tropical Synergy, Spice Diamond and Yucatan Fire.

    Known chemically as JWH-018, the substance in Spice was first developed by an American academic for research purposes in 1995.

    Mr Vasey welcomed the Home Office’s awareness and said: “Even the man who made it said it’s good for nothing other than to get high.

    “You don’t need a Phd to be a pharmacist. The danger is if these herbal highs are not taken seriously and banned now, we’ll get people mixing it in their own in their sheds, bulking them out with other ingredients that could be even more risky and selling them on for more money.”

    West Yorkshire Police Drugs Co-ordinator Bryan Dent said: “We need to be cautious about any substance taken to affect moods, whether that substance is legal or illegal.

    “We watch for trends and will see what the working party recommends to the Home Office. In the meantime, there is no such thing as a safe ‘drug’.”

    By Kathie Griffiths
    May 16, 2009
    Telegraph & Argus

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  1. Sloop
    If the newspaper and journo is quoting the photographed dude correctly

    Shouldnt the headline be, the drug testing lobby worried about falling off the gravy train?

    So the journo delivers a never known to fail, danger, shock, horror, lock up your daughter, new drugs that attracts perverts story. Viz, we need to be able to test the piss of people that dont conform to standard BA 5 tt231X or the beasts will be one step more ahead of us.

    Which is the terrifying bit, new designer drugs or dudes in the dude machine telling you what you are allowed to put in your body or not.

    Wake up you control freaks, humans have always looked for novel experience, and perhaps always will unless you turn all of us into full frontal labotomised automatons (which many of us suspect you are working on anyway in a multipronged approach). Or scenario 2 the authoritarian dude machine wipes us all out afterall, including themselves while worrying about the small change.

    New Drugs: Surely there will be danger and some harm, and suffering from new drugs, there always has been. but how do you think humans evolved, grew, developed, by not eating that sweet apple of all knowledge passed to you by a very sexy partner, or the death cap mushroom (lets face it negative experiments can be huighly useful to those left behind!)

    If you want to make the world safer, do something about the roads and cars and guns and greedy power seeking bastards that want to test your piss for new designer drugs. New drugs so far, just dont rate in terms of harm when compared with the already well known and ignored menaces. But new drugs give politicians fuel to strut their stuff to a dumbed down public and after all, they dont rock the gravy boat or diminish weapon sales and its accomplice: hatred propraganda against the new manufactured bad guy.

    Fucken control freaks again (with poor eyesight as usual).

    Off course, newspapers can be complete asses and I may be entirely wrong and this guy in the foto is a harm minisation man and not part of the dude machine, if so I apologise.
  2. Alfa
    I would like to quote two comments to this article:
  3. blackbastard
    as a man who's main business is selling drug testing kits and previously was in charge of locking up cannabis smokers in Bradford, this quote should be enough to highlight how he views drugs, legal or otherwise
  4. Zentaurus41
    I wish i was skynet, id send my T888 friend to pay him a visit.
    Skynet may be evil, but he is eviler.
  5. Sven99
    So explain to me how banning substances is going to stop people mixing up drugs in their sheds, cutting it with all sorts of crap and selling it on the black market? I was under the impression thats what banning substances caused to happen.
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