Drug testing in schools

By mickenator · Nov 24, 2006 · ·
  1. mickenator
    In the tri-state area they have been awarded $30000 grant to pilot a new drug test wipe, these wipes can be used to test for heroin, cocaine and marujina. All that needs to be done is the wipes are used on lockers and can give results in minutes letting authorities know who is using or selling and how old they are as it said school lockers are arranged in grades.

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  1. Nagognog2
    Time to get a plant-mister loaded with dilute alcoholic cannabis extract and spritz the entire first-grade section.
  2. Trebor
    Where'd you get this info?

    Also: "Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone."

    Had to be said in Fairness.

    Now then serious talk. This is only going to be put in in Low funded public ghettos schools. SO of course drugs will be found. Anybody who thinks thuis will happen in the Bushes or Cheny's schools is sorley mistaken.
  3. izzy31
    and there's probably a group of kids creating something to make it useless and inaccurate alreadly :D

    ...and who the hell does heroin who still goes to school???
  4. darawk
    These wipes are wayyy too sensitive, and can be set off by tons of perfectly legitimate substances. The only thing they'll do is serve to massively increase drug use statistics to make it look like the "epidemic" is even "worse". So that drug agencies will get more funding. However, I think that will have the opposite effect. I think if people see the drug 'problem' as getting worse and worse, even though they aren't seeing their kids convulsing in the streets and lying face down in gutters everywhere...they'll start to lose faith in the whole "drug war".
  5. TitusCrow
    :D :D :D

    This is incredible, really..Incredibly pathetic.

    Could you possibly specify the source of the article?
  6. Misha
    I watch at the TV news here in Serbia.New campaign of Serbian goverment is project whit some non goverment organisations.Their idea is to sent a group of doctors to all high school in capital city.Their job is to find a squeeze(who is positive on some of drugs-cocaine,heroin,amphetamines,cannabis) on drink-fountain in WC or on door handle.At that way they wont to find out is there any schoolars who had a touch with drugs.This project starts at 1.november and first results are ''tremendously'' negative.By my opinion this is very stupid project because there are better ways to find out how many schoolars using drugs.
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