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  1. Mick Mouse
    Police say that Dominique Martinez is a second generation drug trafficker who ran a business for three years moving drugs from Tucson to cities in Ohio and New York. He now sits in jail on a 28 count indictment for racketeering, murder, home invasion style robberies, kidnapping, and a failed hit on a drug agent.

    He has no criminal history, high school grad, a licensed pilot, and there is no physical evidence linking him to murder or kidnapping, but he is charged with 1 count of 1st degree murder, 8 counts of aggravated assault, 7 counts of robbery, 2 counts of attempted robbery, 3 counts of making threats, 2 counts of kidnapping, 2 counts of auto theft, and 1 count each of burglary, trafficking in stolen property and illegally conducting an enterprise.

    He kidnapped a rival dealer and set his ransom at 700 pounds of marijuana, two members of the rivals gang tried to turn the tables, and it lead to a "rolling gunbattle in Tucson city streets" (the rival ended up face down in a pool of blood, no word on the location of the pot).

    Source: Arizona Daily Star-www azstarnet.com


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