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Drug trafficker in 'healthy cocaine' released in Madrid

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    The Spanish Supreme Court found the Romanian man not guilty of a crime against public health

    A Romanian drug trafficker who sold ‘healthy’ cocaine has been found not guilty in the Spanish Supreme Court on appeal. The drug had been cut so much the remaining content of cocaine was so low, it was considered to have null effect on users.

    The court heard evidence that to have any ‘psychoactive’ effects content has to be 0.05 grams, but in the drugs sold in this case the content was 11.7% pure at just 0.045 grams. The defence argued that there could be no crime against public health, the description for drug trafficking in Spain, because the drugs were so adulterated. They noted the 0.05gram content had been established by the Supreme Court in 2004 as the minimum considered to be a danger to health.

    The court thus overturns a previously guilty verdict from the Madrid Provincial Court, which had handed down a three year prison sentence.

    By h.b.
    Mar 7, 2011



  1. Terrapinzflyer
    It would be interesting if someone has the time to find the scientific papers the Spanish Supreme Court had used to arrive at the .05g level.

    It also strikes me as strange there is no mention (and apparently no legal grounds?) to consider the effect of the cutting agents used- especially with the rise of Levamisole showing up in cocaine.
  2. mickey_bee
    11.7% pure? these days that would be considered good stuff in the UK! It amazes me that people still buy cocaine that, (in the UK at least) is often below 10% actual cocaine.....
    Having said that, swims circle of friends who used to be regular recreational cocaine users have now all completely stopped their useage, apart from the occasional quality batch that makes it's way through...

    Soon the dealers are going to have to raise the purity, and dramatically at that.

    EDIT: They say 'healthy cocaine', swim would much rather snort pure cocaine than 11.7% cocaine and 88.3% 'anonymous white powder'
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