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  1. Docta
    View attachment 22435 SUSPECTED drug traffickers drove two trucks to a main avenue in a Mexican city and dumped 35 dead bodies during rush hour while gunmen stood guard and pointed their weapons at frightened motorists.

    The gruesome scene in downtown Boca del Rio was the latest escalation in drug violence in Veracruz state, which sits on an important route for drugs and Central American migrants heading north.

    The Zetas drug cartel has been locked in a bloody war with drug gangs for control of the state.

    Veracruz state Attorney General Reynaldo Escobar Perez said the bodies were left piled in two trucks and on the ground at an underpass near the city's biggest shopping mall and its statue of the Voladores de Papantla - ritual dancers from Veracruz state.

    The victims, 23 men and 12 women, according to a legal official, included at least two minors and two with no criminal records who had been reported missing, Escobar said.

    ``Almost all had criminal histories linked to organised crime like kidnapping, extortion, murder, drug trafficking (or) car theft,'' he said.

    Most had been suffocated, some were strangled and one had been shot.

    Motorists caught in the horrifying scene posted message on Twitter warning that masked gunmen in military uniforms were blocking Manuel Avila Camacho Boulevard and pointing their guns at civilians.

    'They don't seem to be soldiers or police,' one tweet read. Another said: 'Don't go through that area, there is danger.'
    Escobar said police were reviewing surveillance video recorded in the area.

    The discovery was among the most gruesome incidents of suspected drug violence around Veracruz city and the eponymous state in recent months.

    Mexican media said a message lying near the bodies carried threats to the Zetas drug gang, which has been fighting for control of drug and human trafficking routes in the area.

    Escobar declined to comment further, but a top Interior Ministry official said on Tuesday that the killings were probably sparked by a revenge attack between criminal gangs.

    The Zetas, a gang set up by ex-elite soldiers turned hired killers, are suspected of organising prison escapes to recruit gunmen for their battles against rival gangs and the Mexican military.

    The Courier-Mail September 22, 2011 6:34AM


  1. Twan
    lol seems like its never going to end
  2. JfromM
    What is it about 35 dead people that would make you "laugh out loud" ???
  3. Oxymorphone
    How horrifying. That's a lot of people and from the sounds of it some could have even been innocent victims that just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    I can't blame people these days for a lot of their hostility towards drugs when you repeatedly see things like this on the media... and I am a supporter of drugs in general. Things like this give the common-non-user quite a valid reason to rally against them when the source/suppliers/pushers are playing rambo on the city streets and pointing their guns at anyone and everyone in their vicinity - not to mention blatantly dumping bodies in the street. When in history have acts like this actually conveyed whatever twisted message those who thought of them had in mind? I'm willing to bet never, unless their message here was simply 'we r gunna kill u". People doing stupid shit like this, I guess I wouldn't be that surprised if that was the depth of their thinking.

    And human trafficking? I guess one dirty business is the same as another - this shit makes me sick. I don't see any way things can do anything but escalate from here...
  4. Shubawaba
    thats so horrible, they give drug users such a bad name
  5. Dinneen
    I have to say I'm actually pretty suprised at all the replies here...
    I thought people on drugs forum would see this as another sign of how insane drug prohibition is! After all this is the result...it's just like what happened in the US period of alcohol prohibition (think St. Valentines day massacre) - the actual drugs themselves ARE NOT to blame here (since when could chemicals alone result in 35 ppl being shot by gangsters???) and it is just another sign of how insane things have allowed to get!

    Twan said "lol seems like its never going to end"

    I know what twan is saying actually, I thought the same thing...it's not funny in any way that 35 people have been killed, but merely the INSANITY that is resulting from prohibition and the fact that the US and other governments merely seem to think of this as normal...I would have said the same thing - just bc it doesn't seem like it's going to end (and the only way to end it is through control and legalisation) and I would have also said 'lol' bc this is pure insanity and if you're not going to laugh you'll end up crying!!! Twan did not deserve the poor reputation comments on his post - please consider why he posted this first! The only ppl who should be feeling guilty about these events are all those who support prohibition and allow it to continue...
  6. Dinneen
    That's ridiculous. How is it anything to do with the 'drugs'? Cocaine has been used in south america for hundreds of years, this sort of violence has been happening only since the advent of modern prohibiton! If drugs were legal and regulated, maybe these gangs would still operate but they would have nothing to do with drugs - drugs would merely be produced by pharmaceutical companies - only the lazy or misguided would blame drugs themselves on this event!
  7. Dinneen
    As far as I can see he's NOT laughing at 35 dead people. He's laughing at the fact that this is being allowed to continue, supposedly because drugs are dangerous and should be banned. Maybe cocaine isn't 100% safe but I could never imagine it being able to kill 35 people in one go were it legally available. The only thing you can do when you see such madness now is laugh! These events are occurring as a direct result of prohibition, and yet ppl are blaming the drugs and illogically adding it as another reason to CONTINUE prohibition! Insanity!
  8. Dinneen
    Is anyone going to reply???
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