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Drug Traffickers Getting Support From Locals Along Panama's Atlantic Coasts

By buseman, Nov 11, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    [IMGL=white]https://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/picture.php?albumid=1242&pictureid=9641"][/IMGL]As a result of the installation of the air and naval bases along Panama's Pacific coast, drug traffickers have shifted their operational route to the Atlantic coast, and they are using local residents from the coastal towns in the provinces of Colon and Veraguas as "support cells" to help them accomplish their mission, according to information provided by local Panamanian anti-drug authorities.

    During the year 2010 authorities have been seized more than 24.6 tons of drugs along the Panamanian coasts (a total of 36 tons if the entire country is taken into consideration), and most of these seizures have occurred along the Atlantic coast, however very few drug traffickers have been arrested.

    In most cases, they disappear like ghosts in the jungle, leaving behind their illegal drug shipments.

    According to Panama's Second Anti Drug Prosecutor Javier Caraballo, this a clear indication the drug traffickers are getting local support.

    This situation is creating a new problem to the authorities, because it has increased incidents of violence and corruption among the inhabitants of these coastal villages.

    Local drug consumption has also increased, because many times the drug traffickers pay their local collaborators with drugs, said Caraballo.

    As of 30 October 2010, according to figures from the National Air Service (Senan), they have conducted 21 operations on both coasts, where they have seized 24.6 tons of drugs and 18 boats.

    But only six drug traffickers have been apprehended. As an alternative to stop the passage of drugs through the Atlantic, the authorities are conducting patrols in the zone. (La Prensa)

    Thursday, November 04 2010


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