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  1. Salvinorin A

    News for Sunday, August 12th, 2007

    Drug worries in Hanover
    Written by Robyn Garvey

    A Mexican herb that can cause hallucinogenic activity has Hanover worried.
    The town is calling on Health Canada to investigate the effects of salvia divinorum before it becomes the 'new pot' for young people in the area.
    Salvia Divinorum also known as Diviner's Sage and Magic Mint is gaining in popularity as a narcotic in North America.
    Despite the narcotic usage of the herb, it is legally available for sale in Canada at stores, pharmacies and through the internet.
    Given the powerful psychic effects of the plant, Deputy Mayor Gerry Rogers says Canada can not afford to move slowly on the issue.
    Hanover wants Health Canada to take a proactive stance and regulate this substance now before local young people are exposed to it.
    Rogers says Hanover and Grey Bruce as a whole have enough problems to deal with when it comes to drugs and alcohol.
    He says the last thing this area needs is a new narcotic to add to the menu.
    Other countries in Europe as well as certain U.S. states have already placed regulatory controls on the herb.
    Rogers says the risks associated with salvia divinorum should be enough to get the government moving on this issue now.
    The effects of Salvia Divinorum have been compared to that of marijuana only more intense.

    If marijuana is legal, swim highly doubts salvia is posing a threat to Canada.

    At least they compared it to marijuana this time instead of LSD.



  1. Alfa
    That makes as much sense as comparing it to tobacco.
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