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Drugged-drivers face Govt crackdown

  1. aemetha
    New Zealand has one of the highest levels of cannabis usage in the world, and the Transport Agency says two-thirds of these users admit to driving while drug-impaired.

    They now face a Government crack-down, with plans to introduce a new testing programme, including road-side saliva tests.

    "The Government has already introduced a number of measures targeting drink driving but we needed more research to understand how drug driving enforcement could be carried out most effectively," says Associate Transport Minister Craig Foss. "The Ministry of Transport has completed a review of the drug-driving enforcement regime and I expect Cabinet to consider its findings in the next few months."

    A 2012 government review found saliva testing was "unlikely to detect half of the users", and the decision was made to wait until screening technology was more effective. While the tests have improved since then, the initial tests can still take up to five minutes, which means police would only use them when they suspect a driver is on drugs. This would need to be followed up by a blood test to confirm a positive result.

    Labour's police spokesperson Stuart Nash agrees the move is necessary. "Absolutely - anything that gets the impaired drivers off our roads needs to be rushed in," he says. "The police and NZTA are realising that it's not just alcohol, that it's drugs that matter." He says that drug-impaired drivers are a threat on the roads, and are killing New Zealanders. "It's now becoming a real problem that the police are having to deal with. I trust that the police will be leaders in implementing technology that allows us to catch these drivers."

    However, the Drug Foundation's Ross Bell, believes there are too many problems with saliva tests for them to be reliable. "There's been problems with false positives and false negatives, and they don't test for drugs that can be really impairing - a lot of prescription medicines don't get picked up by these tests."

    24 August 2016


  1. aemetha
    Ludicrous really because these tests don't test for impairment. They only test for the presence of drugs in the system which persist long past the period of intoxication. If the issue is about driver safety the test must reflect that. I agree impaired drivers should not be behind the wheel, but this seems to me to be a way to justify testing and punishing people for drug use without requiring any kind of probable cause rather than a safety measure.
  2. monkeyspanker
    Very true aemetha, impairment comes in many forms. Anyone under the influence of anything has no right to get into a 3,000lb vehicle (my old 1977 Lincoln town car weighed 6,032lb, baby blue, acres of white leather :cool:)and drive around!!

    At least the drunk and impaired drivers have at least one eye focused on the road, the dumbass kids and adults that text and drive are far more dangerous!! That fucking phone means more to them than anything else..Huge problem here in the USA.

    The laws against texting and driving are not working here, watch the show 'cops', they talk/text and drive all the time...*Warning* Rant starting!!

    Put the God Damn Fucking Phone Down, You silly assholes, You are NOT important and neither is your stupid Fucking phone call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And if you like to have fun drinking and or doing drugs, Forget about driving, there are things called cabs, they get you there safely for a small amount of money!! Rant over!!
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