Drugs and and brain waves.

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    Brain Activity

    by Terrance A. Bastian

    The human brain is a wondrous and complex organic computer that

    governs every motion of our bodies. Within this computer there is a

    virtual storm of electrical, magnetic, and chemical activity. This

    storm of seeming chaotic activity is a big part of what gives us order

    in our lives. Since the early 1900's doctors and scientists have been

    able to look into the brain and view this activity, in hopes to

    decipher why people do one thing verses another. While the doctors and

    scientists were probing the regions of the brain they found out that

    for the most part the activity detected was composed of many different

    frequencies of rhythmic and non-rhythmic waves or pulsations ranging

    from 0.2 to several hundred hertz. These pulsations were further

    broken down into individual categories for easier study and for there

    particular properties. These categories are the Beta, Alpha, Theta,

    and Delta waves.

    The first type of brain wave is the Beta wave. This wave is in

    the range of approximately 10-30 hertz or pulses per second, sometimes

    Beta waves are also referred to those frequencies up into the hundreds

    of hertz. The mental activity normally assoiated with Beta waves is the

    active awareness state that we experience from day to day at work and

    play. There are many external chemicals that can be induced into the

    brain to produce this state and they are known generally as stimulants.

    Some of those stimulants are small amounts of alcohol, the nicotine in

    cigarettes, caffeine in coffee and tea, diet pills, and aphetamines

    (which are illegal).

    The second type of wave and I should say the most widely known

    and publicized is the Alpha wave. Most people equate this wave with

    ESP, meditation, and all sorts of strange ideas. The truth is the

    alpha waves account for only half the story. Alpha ranges between 7-12

    hertz and is prominent during relaxation mostly with eyes closed, day

    dreaming, and upon deep self-introspection. The 1960's made this

    activity famous when it was found out that cannabis or marijuana, which

    grew naturally, induced this state in people. Scientist have found out

    that it was the chemical THC that caused this euphoric feeling by being

    a substitute for the brain's natural pleasure chemicals which are

    called endorphans.

    The next wave activity is the Theta region and is the least known

    type outside the confines of the dream research laboratories. This

    wave is in the range of 5-8 hertz and is characterized mainly with

    light sleep, Rapid Eye Movement(REM) dreams, and hallucinations. The

    brain uses this state to exercise itself, somewhat like working out

    your muscles to make them stronger and to release overall tension. The

    drugs that promote this activity are, on the whole, illegal. These

    substances are in the general category of hallucinegics (LSD, Acid,

    Magic mushrooms, etc...).

    The fourth kind of wave and I can say a very important one is the

    Delta wave. The Delta's frequency is in between 0.2 & 6 hertz

    which can be as low as 1 cycle per month or even pure direct current

    (DC). The outward appearance of this area is dead to the world

    sleep, no dreaming, and coma occour during this state. Many people

    have had more than their share to drink after work or at an office

    party and had the irresistible urge to just go to sleep, or in extreme

    instances just to outright pass out wherever you were. Excessive

    ammounts of alchol induces the brain into the Delta state as so the

    body can repair and filter out toxins and poisons within itself. The

    body uses this state to put full effort to repair itself from the days

    activities. Its significant to know that 2/3's of your sleep time is

    taken up by this state to complete these repairs and to give the brain

    time to rest. Other chemicals that induce this Delta state are known

    as downers, things like sleeping pills, aspirin, muscle relaxants, and

    barbiturates. All these chemicals can be very dangerous if taken in

    excessive amounts which causes the brain and body to totally relax into

    death itself.

    Out of all the different types of brain waves there is a very

    interesting range called the Alpha-Theta border. I've already

    mentioned that the Alpha was half the story, well the Theta wave is the

    other half of a state of mind that brings about creativity,

    intelligence, and a host of other abilities the brain is capable of

    doing when properly stimulated. It is a state where the central

    nervous system reduces input from the peripheral nervous system.

    The lowering of sensory input serves to normally protect the

    central nervous system from sensory overload caused by stress or

    physical damage. Without these outside functions for the brain to

    control the brain expands its functioning powers. The normally

    unused portion of the brain becomes active and performs at maximum

    capacity. This range is between 7-8 hertz and this is not so surprising

    when you learn that the resonant frequency of the earth and ionosphere

    is approximately 7.5 hertz. Our brains evolved within this dynamic

    field and used it as a standard to function on. The mind experences

    the body in a half-in half-out state of sleep or detachment. The

    feeling is of being concious of all things around you but the body

    being in deep relaxation. Many cultures discovered this and the

    methods to achieve this state naturally and artificially. Many of the

    worlds religions were founded on reaching this state and devised strict

    disciplines to do so. The Alpha-Theta range occurs during reverie,

    hypnogoic imagery, meditation, and by self-hypnosis. The drugs that

    achieve this state are controlled use of cannabis and hallucinegics.

    Science and medicine have devised several ways to monitor brain

    waves. The main methods are the electroencephalogram (EEG) and the

    magnetoencephalogram (MEG). The EEG measures the electrical potentials

    on the surface of the scalp or at times on the surface of the brains

    cortex. The EEG has many drawbacks in that it measures the average

    frequencies in the brain. The electrodes are separated from the brain

    for the most part by the thick barrier of the skull. This is like a

    scientist in a good year blimp flying over a football game: he could

    hear the crowd roar but thats about it.

    The MEG senses and records the subtle magnetic fields generated

    by the brain. This is difficult because each neuro cell "talks" to

    one another in the brain through electrical signals that generate weak

    magnetic fields, about one billionth the strength of the earths field.

    But by using the new superconducting technology the problem is being

    rapidly done away with, more and more sensitive magnetic sensing coils

    are being made. Using a superconducting neuromagnetometer placed

    near a persons head, like an antenna, it picks up the magnetic field

    emerging from the brain. This information is sent to a computer and a

    accurate map of the brains activity can be made and analyzed.

    In the last few years a new approach to brain waves and human

    emotion is being explored in the form of brain entrainment. This is a

    form of bio-feedback and stimulation to promote a specific wave state

    that is desired. This can be done by various methods; flashing lights

    ,sound pulsations ,electromagnetic pulses ,and physical vibrations.

    These stimulation techniques require that the pulses, vibrations, or

    flashings occour at the desired frequency rate so that the brain can

    synchronize with the external signals. Any one or a combination of

    these methods can have a profound effect upon the operation of the

    brain. It has been known that the Soviet Union and the United States

    has used external stimulation to induce sleep ,hypnosis, and other

    altered states in people.

    The area of brain wave activity is an active and dynamic field

    indeed. Many scientific discoveries are bound to be made, from the

    relief of stress to increasing the power of the human mind. Who

    really can say what will happen in the future.

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  1. spineylamb
    Oooo, seems like a good find here. I kind of question why it has so many typos if it really is a news article, but I've printed it out to read when I get a chance 'cause this seems pretty relevant to my interests. Other than the author, could you share the source you got this from?

    Browsing it over real quickly though, it sounds like someone's convinced that "dreaming", and tripping on hallucinogens is merely just the brain exercising itself. Ehhhh, I just don't know if I'm satisfied with that conclusion, and it's the first time I've heard of it.
  2. OtherIsomer
    This is a paper that swim found online. Though not a news article persay, swim thought it was very interesting "news".

    Unfortunatley swim has not posted over 50 times on DF, therefore he cannot post the link.

    A suggestion would be to use a search engine with the authors name.
  3. Stefanman
    really really interesting.brain is such a incredible thing,it will never be fully understood...
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