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  1. aemetha
    Police have seized a variety of drugs and $90,000 in cash from two houses in Otaki.

    Police said tip-offs came from the community and officers were applauded as they went about their work.

    Members of the Manawatu organised crime unit, the armed offenders squad, asset recovery unit and specialist dog units went to Otaki on Friday to search two properties. Methamphetamine, GBL and cannabis were seized, along with the cash, and three people were arrested.

    GBL is similar to ecstasy, but in a liquid form.

    "The two warrants executed are examples of what can be achieved with the assistance of the community," Detective Sergeant Dave Thompson said. "When people are driving past applauding while the warrant is being executed, then you know you are doing something right."

    Thompson said a 47-year-old Otaki man was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine for supply, possession of ammunition, cultivating cannabis and possession of cannabis. He said it was likely further charges would be filed once examinations on items seized had been completed. The 47-year-old man has been remanded in custody and is due to appear in the Levin District Court in September. A 42-year-old Otaki woman was also arrested for breach of bail from the same address.

    At the second house searched, a 27-year-old Otaki woman was arrested and charged with 18 charges relating to the possession and supply of methamphetamine and GBL. She was remanded in custody and would appear in the Levin District Court in September, Thompson said.

    "These search warrants were executed due to concerns raised by the Otaki community. "It is fantastic that we have this result for those people who have had enough of methamphetamine and other controlled drugs affecting their community."

    Thompson said they encouraged people to come forward with what they saw and heard about drug dealing in the community. Anyone with information about any crime can report it anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or call their local police station.

    31 August 2016


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