Drugs and Kids -- when to say no

By leadcoffin · Sep 1, 2008 ·
  1. leadcoffin
    My local priestess has a beautiful daughter. She is a darling sweet child and very well behaved. However, the priestess has a dilemma similar to the quandary of Alice's looking glass. She is working on appropriate exploration of A. muscaria, ayahuasca preparations, and other assorted hallucinogens in effort to keep the child away from her while tripping.
    Is she selfish? Everyone needs time off. She still drinks around the child, but only ever in moderation.
    When the daughter becomes older, surely the priestess will be able to talk to her in a better way about these things and maybe they can even share experiences once the child becomes adult. Is it better for her to wait?
    The last thing my local priestess would fear is for the daughter to accidentally get into any of these things and try them for herself at such a very young age. Most of those substances taste dreadful and are kept far away from the child's reach.
    The priestess has also smoked MJ not with the child in the room but was high around the child. She sees this as equivalent to drinking around her daughter, but knows MJ and booze are not the same as psychedelics.
    Due to the nature of her temple, this priestess is also married, and her husband has not interfered in her previous excursions as they are occasional and have not caused him as many problems as, let's say, tequila.
    Unfortunately, due to the illegality of these substances, I am very much afraid that she is jeopardizing her legal rights to parenting her child. I also realize her level of drug use is far below many other people who get to keep their children and she will probably not be the biggest target.
    Oh, the strange!

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