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  1. enquirewithin
    [imgl=red]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/blog_attachment.php?attachmentid=31&stc=1&d=1261009330[/imgl] Whilst in prison, Timothy Leary formulated the model of the 8-Circuit brain. Of course, it was based on various sources, such as the Chakra system, Gurdjieff, and Aleister Crowley's Qabbalistic models (see last blog post). Leary saw himself as 'reincarnating' Crowley at one point.

    Other writers have developed the 8-Circuit brain model further than Leary ever did (he was not that interested in it later in his life)-- notably Robert Anton Wilson and Antero Ali.

    The 8 levels, or circuits, in some ways correspond to the 10 sephiroth (very roughly), circuit 1 being approximate to Malkuth, circuit 8 to Kether.

    Here are some drug correspondences:

    8 Spiritual-Cosmic: ketamine, DMT
    7 Mythic-Immortal: DMT, LSD, psylocybin
    6 Psychic-Psionic: DMT, LSD, psylocybin, mescaline
    5 Sensory-Hedonic: cannabis, MDMA, LSD, oxycontin (?)
    4 Social - Civilized: hormones
    3 Mental-Paleolithic: amphetamines, caffeine, stimulants
    2 Emotional-Mammalian: alcohol
    1 Physical-Invertebrate: opium


    It was only really Leary, with RU Sirius, who speculated much about this model in connection with drugs. Obviously, Shulgin's inventions and many others, could be given levels. For example, DOx's might be assigned to Levels 5-7 or 8. 2C-B to levels 5 and 6.....

    The 8 circuit brain models could be regarded as an interesting way to look at drug induced experiences.

    RAW used the model more widely and recently Antero Ali has written two books on the subject, but his interest is in 'para theatre" which could loosely be called a type of modern ritual magic.

    Those interested in the model can find more information in these books:

    Timothy Leary, Neuropolitique
    Timothy Leary, The Game of Life
    Timothy Leary with RU Sirius, Design for Dying
    Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger
    Robert Anton Wilson, Quantum Psychology
    Antero Ali, Angel Tech
    Antero Ali, The Eight-Circuit Brain


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