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  1. fnord

    'Drugs baron' case jury sent home

    Brian Wright is accused of smuggling cocaine on luxury yachts
    A jury trying the case of a man accused of smuggling cocaine into the UK has been sent home for a fourth day.

    Brian Wright, 60, formerly of Chelsea, west London, is alleged to have been the mastermind behind multi-million pound shipments of Class A drugs.

    A gang used luxury yachts to bring the cocaine from Venezuela, via the Caribbean, into the UK, a court heard.

    The prosecution at Woolwich Crown Court have claimed Mr Wright used horseracing as a "facade" for his activities.

    Mr Wright, originally from Ireland, fled to Northern Cyprus in 1999, the court was told.

    He denied conspiracy to evade prohibition on the importation of a controlled drug and conspiracy to supply drugs.


  1. darawk
    Um, "multi-million pound"...lol, who are they kidding? Owning even one million pounds of cocaine would make someone a billionaire several times over...
  2. fnord
    or dead,depending on ones self control.but i think they might mean pound in the money sense
  3. Woodman
    I think they mean "pound" as in "Sterling" ₤.
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