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Drugs body to analyse all legal highs available in Irish headshops

By Alfa, Feb 22, 2010 | Updated: Feb 23, 2010 | | |
  1. Alfa
    Drugs body to probe safety and claims of psychoactive hits

    The National Advisory Committee on Drugs (NACD) is seeking to commission an overview of substances sold in headshops to increase its knowledge on legal drugs sold across the country.

    The review will establish what the products are supposed to contain on the basis of their labelling and the actual chemical content of the substances.

    It will also survey various headshops, including online shops, to determine how easy it is to gain access to what it describes as psychoactive substances.

    A list of all the stores across the country will be compiled, and researchers will examine where the materials are sourced from.

    According to the NACD, "user experience and published data will include psychological effects on cognition, mood and mental functioning as well as public health risks".

    The researchers will also speak to A&E units about their experiences in dealing with people who have consumed products from head-shops.

    Furthermore, the review will look at other countries' codes of conduct, to determine what measures are taken in other jurisdictions to restrict access to the substances.

    A comparison will be drawn up to ascertain how best to tackle the increasing problem presented by the rising number of shops selling legal highs.

    "Because the drugs they appear to contain have never been tested for safety in humans, we have to rely, at present, on user reports," said Des Corrigan, chair of the NCAD

    "These may not be reliable because people often don't know what exactly they have taken and there is no way of knowing how much has been used.

    "Nor do we know what other drugs might have been taken by users which could change the effects and risks."

    Meanwhile, regulations which will outlaw a range of products sold as 'legal highs' are to be introduced before June, the Department of Health has indicated.

    In 2006, the department introduced regulations which banned psychotropic mushrooms, otherwise known as magic mushrooms. Last year it banned BZP, which was at the time a legal alternative to ecstasy.

    February 21, 2010
    Source: The Tribune



  1. pride345
    "Meanwhile, regulations which will outlaw a range of products sold as 'legal highs' are to be introduced before June, the Department of Health has indicated."

    SWIM is guessing that includes mephedrone? As well as other plant feeders/bath salts?
  2. akack2
    Definitely Mephedrone,I would say MDPV as well,these are the ones on everyones lips here afaik
  3. ianzombie
    Swim welcomes this news.
    Its a lot better than just shutting the shops and its about time that someone actually went through all the products and let people know exactly what the ingredients are and hopefully in what proportions.
    Something like this could change the entire European Headshop market,

    knowing the over the top reactionary attitude of the Irish Government it might not be for the better but it will be interesting none the less.
    Swim hopes that scientific fact and common sense rule the day.
  4. John Doe
    I would love to see the actual analysis results of each drug.

    I wanted to contact TV3 to ask what exactly they found in their tests but from watching the documentary on the headshops and the interview with the idiot Trinity student who supposedly analysed some of them I can't imagine she did too much analysis tbh =(
  5. Phenoxide
    This could very well be a double-edged sword. On the one hand it's great the proprietary mask of these branded products will be torn off, especially if the findings will be public domain and therefore allow people to make informed decisions on their purchases.

    On the other hand it may also allow governments to collect the information necessary for scheduling new compounds much faster than they currently can. It might also be an incentive for the distributors to start chopping and changing their formula to keep the authorities guessing, much as it seems is the case with Spice. If this happens then it could end up doing more harm than good. The composition of any given batch would become unpredictable unless the purchaser got it analyzed themselves.
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