Drugs found in defence secretary's home

By Abrad · May 1, 2006 · ·
  1. Abrad

    Scottish police have found a small amount of cannabis during a routine check at the Scottish home of defence secretary John Reid.

    Weighing at less than 1 gram, Strathclyde Police said the cannabis resin was found in a guest room. The Ministry of Defence has confirmed the find.

    A spokesman for the MP for Airdrie and Shotts claims Mr Reid has no idea where the drugs came from. According to media reports, sources close to the MP have confirmed that he doesn't use cannabis.

    No police action is expected to be taken over the fine and Mr Reid is 'not suspected of having committed any crime or offence'.

    Assistant Chief Constable John Corrigan, of Strathclyde Police, said: 'I can confirm that we have investigated the discovery of a small piece of cannabis resin in a guest room of a house within the force area.

    'The substance found weighed less than one gram with a street value of approximately 85p.'

    Reid has previously held the posts of health secretary, Scottish secretary, Northern Ireland secretary and leader of the House of Commons.

    The latest reports bring further bad press to Blair's government. Home secretary Charles Clarke has admitted to blunders over the release of over 1,000 foreign prisoners while deputy prime minister John Prescott has admitted to having an affair.

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  1. klaatu
    This news items broke a few days go. As far as I can tell it's getting precisely zero coverage on the radio/TV here. Not surprising realy as it's got no news value at all. There is no indication that the Cannabis found has anything to do with John Reid and is likely to be quite old. It's certinly very tiny!

  2. Nature Boy
    Haha! A random lump of hash just lying there. Sounds like SWIM's house. Haha! I'll bet it was soapbar too. :D
  3. amcal
    haha give the guy a break im sure he has a stressful job
  4. Nagognog2
    "during a routine check "?? What the hell is that?! If I were the minister, I'd be furious at the intrusion into my home.
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