Drugs gave me a golden sound, says drug accused tenor

By Lunar Loops · Feb 23, 2007 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    Hmmm, chemical crooning. This from the Age (http://www.theage.com.au/news/natio...g-accused-tenor/2007/02/22/1171733950477.html) :

    Drugs gave me a golden sound, says drug accused tenor
    Dan Harrison
    February 23, 2007

    A MAN caught with an amphetamines laboratory in his home told police he was using the drugs to improve his singing voice, a court has heard.
    Anthony Patounas, 36, of Oakleigh, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday hours after a pre-dawn raid on his Warrigal Road home.
    Representing himself in court, Patounas lashed out at allegations that had given the drug to prostitutes at a party that he hosted, and accused police of failing to deliver on a promise of bail in return for his co-operation.
    Detective Senior Constable Dean Richards told the court that police found chemicals "bubbling away" on a stove when officers arrived at Patounas' shopfront home early yesterday, creating a "a very high risk" of explosion.
    Detective Richards, of the police clandestine laboratory squad, said Patounas had been boiling cold and flu tablets to extract pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in methamphetamines such as speed and ice.
    Investigators in protective clothing and breathing apparatus were only about a quarter of the way into their search of the property, but had already discovered a "considerable amount" of glassware and about 1000 packets of cold and flu tablets. Only about 100 of the packets still contained tablets, he said.
    Police allege Patounas had made three attempts to cook amphetamines since Christmas, one of which had been successful and had produced about 50 grams of the drug.
    They say Patounas, a tenor, in "full admissions" to police yesterday, said he used the drug to improve his singing. "He described it as giving his voice a golden sound," Detective Richards said.
    Detective Richards said Patounas had given out the drug to guests at a party he held in his home, including prostitutes.
    Detective Richards said he had no evidence Patounas had ever dealt in the drug apart from at the alleged party, but believed he would continue to manufacture it "simply because of the amount of money he is capable of making".
    Patounas, who refused a lawyer, angrily denied the accusations. "You are lying," he said. "Almost everything he said was an exaggeration or an untruth."
    Patounas said he had not held a party but instead had been "in a party mood for a month" after successfully producing the drug.
    He said police had promised he would get bail in return for his co-operation. "I co-operated. I told you the truth. I gave you everything you wanted and you shat in my face at the end."
    Patounas said he had no need to make drugs because he earned between $1000 and $2000 a day via his glassmaking business, Las Vegas Neon.
    He told the court: "Please forgive me if I've been out of line. I promise you I can turn my back on this and I will."
    Patounas faces charges including trafficking a commercial quantity of drug of dependence, trafficking amphetamine and trafficking pseudoephedrine.
    Magistrate Jelena Popovic refused him bail, saying the application was premature and he did not meet the exceptional circumstances required.
    She remanded him in custody for a committal mention on July 3, but may apply for bail in the meantime.
    Earlier yesterday, police said they raided the house after a tip-off from someone who smelled chemicals, and that when police forced their way inside, they found a man sitting in a room with his dog, smoking a cigarette. Police believe the laboratory was capable of producing up to a kilogram of ice a week.
    "The chemist's comment was he was very lucky the place didn't blow up," acting Detective Inspector Glenn Davies said.

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  1. radiometer
    What a moron. I'm a musician by trade, and this guy is full of crap. Did the tweaked-out hookers help his singing tone also?
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