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Drugs haul 'worth £25m' is seized

  1. Smirnoff
    UK Border Agency officers at Heathrow Airport have made what they claim is their biggest seizure of heroin and uncovered an international drugs gang.
    Around 165kg of the drug, with an estimated street value of £8m, was hidden in souvenirs from South Africa.

    A further 80kg was seized at an address in Dartford, Kent, and a man was charged with intent to supply.

    The total amount of drugs seized is estimated to be worth around £25m and was all destined for the UK.

    Information was also passed to police in South Africa, who subsequently arrested a further five people, including three UK nationals.

    They also uncovered another 115kg of heroin and more than 6,500kg of herbal cannabis and cannabis resin.


  1. Montgolfier
    £25 million worth of smack seized - that can only be a good thing.
  2. mickey_bee
    Unless you're a smackhead....
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