Drugs Missing From Police Property Room

By fnord · Jan 31, 2009 · ·
  1. fnord
    [h1]Drugs Missing From Police Property Room[/h1]
    updated 7:47 p.m. ET, Fri., Jan. 30, 2009
    GALVESTON, Texas - Drugs are missing from the Galveston Police Department's property room, officials told KPRC Local 2 Friday.
    Police said officers conducted a routine evidence count last week and noticed some of the narcotics from previous and pending court cases weren't there anymore.
    "We are undergoing a comprehensive inventory," Police Chief Charles Wiley said. "Employees have been restricted access to that property room. Polygraph tests are being administered. We're conducting a full-fledged internal investigation."
    Wiley said they do not have any leads as to what happened to the drugs.


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  1. RX420
    one of those coppers are gettin hiiigh as fuk ha
  2. Sven99
    Or making a bit extra on the side
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