Drugs: out of patent ?!?!?1

By HoaDuoc · Aug 12, 2005 · ·
  1. HoaDuoc
    Can anyone know where we can get the information of drugs which are out of patents ?
    How can we know that drugs are out of patent ?

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  1. Nostradamus
    Are you asking where to find patents on-line?
  2. HoaDuoc
    Yes, I mean which medicines are out of patents on-line (what website) now
    Thanks for your attention, I'm waiting for your reply.

    HoaDuocEdited by: HoaDuoc
  3. Pinkavvy
    I don't know. I know there are generic 80mg oxycontin's now, so the patent has run out on that.
  4. Pinkavvy
    why are people so lazy? a simple google search got me this link. it's a drug patent search. you could also search yourself. go to google and type drug patent or chemical patent.

    the linkEdited by: pinkavvy
  5. Nostradamus
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