Drugs policy needs overhaul, says German

By 0utrider · Apr 23, 2008 · ·
  1. 0utrider

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  1. curious1
    Woo make sure you go to those boring neighborhood parties and talk about bullshit otherwise you might get some prison time for being "anti-social"

    SWIM is a very HAPPY antisocialite.

    Seems to swim like its lumping drugs with antisocial behavior.... And SWIM always thought people mostly used drugs to party WITH people - silly swim
  2. The_Tortured_Soul
    Screw the mental health and rehab facility or jail concept. Just make the drug possesion of a certain amount for personal use legal, or better yet eliminate the dealer completely and make money for the government and lower taxes by selling drugs at pharmacies to people 18 and older in select amounts. SWIM is a happy antisocialite as well.
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